LKY: THE EXPERIENCE | An All-New, Fun And Interactive Exhibition [EXTENDED TILL MAR 2024]

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Extended till 17 Mar 2024, the fun and interactive experience raises the curtain on the lesser known sides of Lee Kuan Yew on his 100th birth anniversary.

Venue: 11 Prinsep Link, S187949
Date: Till 17 Mar 2024
Time: 11 am - 4 pm (Thu & Fri), 10 am - 8 pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

  • Standard Ticket: $18
  • Senior citizens aged 65 and above: 20% discount
  • Each paying adult ticket is entitled to two free tickets for children aged 12 and below
  • Purchase tickets here



    Launching this October, delve into the life of Lee Kuan Yew at LKY: THE EXPERIENCE, an immersive experience that re-creates his memories, milestones and motivations in a novel journey through time.

    Be prepared to step into a 17,000 square-feet immersive experience in this three-storey building. The LKY: THE EXPERIENCE features three zones with over 20 rooms, each unlocking a chapter to pull back the curtain on a lesser known side of Lee Kuan Yew as a child, a student, a husband and a statesman. Letting visitors step through and reimagine iconic chapters and moments of his life.

    This transportive experience tells a compelling story with interactive installations, multimedia displays and hands-on activities to initiate a meaningful and entertaining experience that celebrates his extraordinary life and work. Travel through time and rainbow slides, and encounter a novel retelling of an icon’s story - beyond his political career.

    A Free Showcase

    Ahead of the ticketed zones, the journey begins with a free showcase featuring 100 stories collected from everyday people from all walks of life on how Mr Lee’s legacy has left a mark, shaped mindsets, and influenced history in both big and small ways. The feature also gathers the memories from people who have interacted closely with Lee Kuan Yew in some way or another. Among these are Lee Kuan Yew’s tailor, security detail, chef, and even actors featured in the movie and musical of his life - giving a glimpse into what Mr. Lee was like beyond work.

    Three Ticketed Zones

    Level 1: The Moments

    In the first zone on level 1 titled The Moments, embark on a personal encounter with Lee Kuan Yew through a showcase of interactive sets that depict his fondest childhood memories, formative years, life as a devoted husband, and turning points that have shaped his political views.

    Meander through his memories from his carefree days as a young boy playing in his grandparents’ plantation to his wedding ceremony with the late Mrs Lee. Trace his journey through schools and his experiences during the Japanese Occupation that shaped his ideals and convictions as a leader.

    Level 2: The Beliefs

    The journey continues to Level 2 in the next zone titled The Beliefs featuring themed rooms with interactive gamified experiences inspired by Mr Lee’s experiences, ideas, and values. Known for his focus and foresight, Lee Kuan Yew held his own and deftly navigated through an ever-changing environment. See if you have what it takes by taking on the obstacle course that aims to put your agility and reflexes to the test. Unlock your inner grit and courage as you maneuver and charge through obstacles, and get hands-on to tackle challenges.

    Have you ever wanted to slide down a rainbow to see what's on the other end? Now, you can! A key feature of the experience is a whimsical rainbow slide that represents his iconic quote “... follow that rainbow, go ride it” inspiring Singaporeans to never stop chasing their dreams and achieving their goals.

    Level 3: The Unwritten


    Complete the experience on Level 3 in the final zone titled The Unwritten, and take a quiet moment to reflect on the journey taken to discover how Lee Kuan Yew’s life has shaped his ideas and actions that have impacted the path of our nation. Be inspired by the experience to write your own story and live a life worth telling.

    Our Experience

    We had the opportunity to visit LKY:THE EXPERIENCE and we loved it! The children took time to read about the history of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and enjoyed the interactive features and games at the the experience. We were especially surprised by the amount of time that our kids took to read about Mr Lee's childhood days. 

    There even an activity where you can pretend to be standing on a podium giving a speech before watching yourself on a tv screen - re-enacting a historical moment in Singapore's history. 

    But beyond the new found knowledge, children will definitely enjoy themselves in the second zone where they can jump into a giant ball pit (where you can really sink into), play the speed and accuracy typing game, or to just slide down the rainbow multiple times! 

    We highly recommend a visit and believe it will be a great experience for the whole family! 

    Ticketing Details

    LKY: THE EXPERIENCE is running from 6 October to 31 December 2023 (extended till 17 Mar 2024) at 11 Prinsep Link, and tickets are exclusively available on Pelago, here.

    Admission to the experience is $18 per ticket. Senior citizens aged 65 and above are entitled to a 20% discount and the experience is free for 2 children aged 12 and below with the accompaniment of one paying adult.

    Visit this link for more details on the experience.


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