Line Friends' BT21 Inflatables & Silent Movie Experience at Jewel Changi Airport This June Holidays

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Get up close with the eight characters of Line Friends' BT21 this June Holidays. Featuring all eight characters in an interactive experience at Jewel Changi Airport! 

Venue: Jewel Changi Airport
Dates: 27 May - 17 July 2022
Admission: Free, fees apply for activities

Join the characters from BT21, KOYA, RJ, SHOOKY, MANG, CHIMMY, TATA, COOKY and VAN at Jewel Changi Airport, and groove to the music with your family and friends. Clap, sing or dance together with these iconic characters at several spots within Jewel’s Shiseido Forest Valley and Canopy Park.

You can expect a BT21-themed glamping experience, special merchandises and even a silent movie night experience this June holidays! 

4.5m Inflatable BT21's VAN

Be greeted by the giant inflatable BT21 guardian space robot, VAN, at the Shiseido Forest Valley at Level 1. Standing at 4.5 metres tall and lit up at night, VAN is atop the boombox waiting for the rest of the characters to kick-off the musical journey. The giant inflatable also rests on top of a light interactive galactic floor that changes its colours when you step on them.

A Musical Journey With BT21 At Canopy Park

The BT21 characters await you at five different locations within Canopy Park on Level 5. Meet TATA at the entrance arch with its colourful lighted musical notes setting the beat.

Take a leisurely walk and arrive at the Beach Party where RJ and KOYA await. Pose with RJ standing by the microphone stand and KOYA who is floating on a giant vinyl with maracas by the side. 

 At MANG’s dance floor, show some love to MANG. Do a heart pose and the dance floor will light up with colourful lights triggered by motion sensor! 

Admire the street art and snap some photos with COOKY in-front of the graffiti wall.  Busk with SHOOKY and CHIMMY in a street performance where you can be the lead of singer of their band. Type your name into the tablet to showcase your DJ name on the On-Air panel, pose and capture for your socials. 

Join all the BT21 characters for the grand finale at the Petal Garden within Canopy Park! Stand behind the interactive DJ console with clickable buttons to change the stage and speaker truss lights to your favourite colours. You can also stand at the front of the stage and become the main lead of this photo op. 

Glamp in the Cloud with BT21

From 27 May to 26 June 2022, families may enjoy Glamping in the Clouds within luxurious glamp tents decked with BT21-themed decoration on the top-most level of Jewel at Cloud9 Piazza.

Indulge in a magical night stayover under the stars in cool comfort and a majestic view of the HSBC Rain Vortex with your favourite BT21 characters. Each BT21-themed tent accommodates up to four guests and provides many picture-perfect Instagram moments. The glampcation package also comes with two exclusively designed BT21 t-shirts as well as tickets to selected Jewel attractions. 

For those who prefer to get together in the day, clink glasses and make merry in the BT21 themed glampicnic tents. Bring your own picnic basket or pre-order from Changi Eats, Changi Airport’s food delivery service, where you can mix and match your favourite food and drinks from the wide selection of dining options at Jewel and Changi with an exclusive S$10 voucher. The glampicnic accommodates up to six guests in each tent, and each package comes with two exclusively designed BT21 tote bags. 

Grab some special BT21 merchandise 

Take home special BT21 merchandise when you shop and dine at Jewel from 27 May to 17 July 2022. The purchase with purchase merchandise includes a crossbody bag, sling bag at S$8 each or a packing cube set at S$10. Purchase these special BT21 merchandise when you spend a minimum of S$50 at Jewel in a single receipt.

You can also get the latest BT21 plushies, apparel, stationery and other interesting merchandise from the pop-up store at Level 1, also available from 27 May to 17 July 2022. 

Silent Movie: Experience ‚ÄėAfter Dark‚Äô @ Jewel¬†

Enjoy a movie night at the Foggy Bowls within Jewel’s Canopy Park, exclusively for you and your loved ones at 10pm from Thursday to Sunday nights (26 May to 25 June 2022).  

With dedicated seating pods and personal headsets for maximum privacy and enjoyment, sit back, relax and catch one of several all-time blockbusters, including musical comedy ‚ÄėSing‚Äô, fantasy film ‚ÄėCoco‚Äô and whimsical adventure 'Up'. Pricing are¬†

  • 1 Adult & 1 Child:¬†$125¬†(U.P $174)
  • 2 Adults:¬†$138¬†(U.P $194)
  • 2 Adults & 1 Child:¬†$165¬†(U.P $246)
  • 2 Adults & 2 Children:¬†$198¬†(U.P $298)

Bookings are now open at Jewel Changi Airport - Canopy Park Promotions. Get more June holiday happenings from our June Holiday Microsite!


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