Be an advocate for right health information by taking part in this Kids Draw COVID-19 Facts Challenge!

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Photo Credit: Weiman Kow Art, Comics For Good

In times like this with a crisis like COVID-19, there is indeed a lot of fear and uncertainty, where people feel powerless in the face of too much information, and it seems like only scientists and government have the power to set things right.

Well, that's not exactly true.

A global epidemic like the COVID-19 IS everybody’s business (regardless of age or occupation), and anybody can help stop the spread of the disease - by learning about it from reputable health websites, and teaching about it, so everyone can take the right precautions.

With this in mind, Comicsforgood has launched an international Kids Draw COVID19 Facts Challenge.

Led by various volunteers across the world, this initiative program aims to use arts to raise awareness of COVID-19 and help children identify myths and facts around the epidemic, and therefore be self-directed to take responsibility.

For this challenge, all the COVID-19 facts drawn will have to come from either the World Health Organisation's website, or your government’s official health website.

The best artworks by children will be selected and posted on the Instagram page: 

So let's all do our part to #FightCovid19 by being an advocate for right health information (from right health sources). Because #KnowledgeIsPower and #KnowledgeOvercomesFear.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! Together, we will fight this! And together, we will get through this! #TogetherWeCan

For more details, visit the website: and/or Facebook page:


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