Join Water Wally & Sally on a Water Exploration Journey and Enjoy a Host of Water-themed Activities this June Holidays!

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In addition to enjoying a splashing good time, children will also be able to learn the importance of water sustainability through games, workshops and more this June holidays!  

This June, members of the Water Wally & Sally Club are invited for a water exploration journey and be part of exciting water-themed games, adventures and story sessions all month long. The Water Wally & Sally Club is the only water fun club in Singapore for children, 12 years old and below, to learn about water sustainability.

With rising water demand and the adverse impact of climate change on our water sources, it is now more important than ever to produce more with less, and to educate children of the importance of water sustainability.

Water-themed Activities

Here are the various activities lined up this June holidays for every child’s explorer personality!

In addition, you can take your little water champions on a multi-sensory learning journey at the NEWater Visitor Centre to unravel more information on Singapore’s Third National Tap (NEWater) or pay a visit to the Sustainable Gallery @ Marina Barrage.

Click here to book a NEWater Visitor Centre Tour and here to book a Sustainable Gallery @ Marina Barrage Tour.

Water Wally & Sally Club

Members would have received an exclusive email invitation to sign up for the upcoming June activities. For non-members of the Water Wally & Sally club, you are encouraged to register your child as a member first. They will then be able to find out more and join the upcoming water-themed activities this June holidays.

Parents can register for their child as a member for free here. Other than the upcoming June water-themed activities, club members also stand to enjoy:

  • Invitation to special events
  • Exciting activities with Water Wally & Sally
  • Great deals and benefits from our partners

To find out more about the Water Wally & Sally club, please visit PUB's website. 

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