Japan Rail Cafe's Fukushima Food Fair With Free Tasting of Fish and Sake!

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JAPAN RAIL CAFE present a month-long¬†‚ÄėFukushima Food Fair‚Äô which includes a free tasting event¬†of top-notch fish and sake in the first week!

Venue: Japan Rail Cafe, 5 Wallich St, #01 - 20 Guoco Tower, Singapore 078883
Dates: 1 - 30 Nov 2022
Admission: Free

JAPAN RAIL CAFE is thrilled to present a month-long¬†‚ÄėFukushima Food Fair‚Äô starting from 1 November 2022, which includes a free tasting event¬†of top-notch fish and sake from 2 to 8 November 2022 that welcomes all to have a taste of the¬†best that Fukushima has to offer.¬†

Partake in the convivial, interactive and welcoming food fair that will be held within the JAPAN RAIL CAFE’s cosy dining space. To add to the energetic atmosphere, supplier representatives will be present on 2 and 3 November 2022 to share more about their outstanding products!

Free Tasting Event

Dates: 2 - 8 Nov 2022, 2 pm - 7 pm

The coastal area of Fukushima is well-known as an abundant fishing ground, where the cold¬†Oyashio and warm Kuroshio currents meet. The bountiful ‚ÄėJoban-mono‚Äô seafood that can only¬†be found in this area is famed for excellent quality and flavour. Sample a range of exceptional¬†fish that are imported directly from Iwaki Gyorui. Co, Ltd. ‚Äď mackerel, whitefish and¬†monkfish.

  • Salted Grilled Mackerel:¬†First soaked in salt water and dehydrated for a
    concentrated flavour.

  • Whitefish:¬†A premium fish and specialty of the Ukedo Fishing Port that is only harvested in the¬†winter. It¬†first boiled to remove any natural bitterness, then dehydrated for a more intense flavour.

  • Monkfish:¬†A superior fish that is caught in the deep sea off the Fukushima coast. Skinned and deboned, the tail is deep-fried for a crispy exterior and juicy flesh.¬†

Also not to be missed are the hand-grilled large conger eels supplied by Hamakara, LLC. ‚Ästa purveyor of freshly caught fish and ready-to-eat seafood products.¬†

  • Large Conger Eels:¬†The eels are skilfully prepared kabayaki-style ‚Äď the most popular form of preparing¬†eels ‚Äď before it is hand-grilled to perfection and covered in a glistening homemade¬†sauce made with sea salt and conger eel bones.

Fukushima is also home to remarkable sake breweries, such as Yamatogawa Shuzouten and Toyokuni Brewery which will be showcasing their sakes in the event too!

Yamatogawa Shuzouten is a prestigious and multiple award-winning sake brewery that aims to create a one-of-a-kind sake using rice, water and technology

  • Junmai Dry YAUEMON:¬†A versatile sake with a soft mouthfeel and refreshing aftertaste that makes it the perfect¬†pairing with any dish.

  • Junmai SUN: Produced by the the traditional kimoto method, this methodical cultivation of natural lactic acid bacteria and yeast gives the sake a¬†tangy and fruity that spreads lightly in the mouth.

Toyokuni Brewery has over 180 years of history in Fukushima. Taking into consideration the change in climate and rice quality every year, 9th Master Yanai Kensei makes every effort to ensure that his customers will be satisfied with the sake he produces.

  • Ibuki: a sweet¬†sake with a touch of savouriness and astringency, creating an overall well-balanced flavour¬†that is sure to please.

Other Month-Long Happenings

From 1 to 30 November, visitors can purchase Fukushima products that are exclusive to JAPAN RAIL CAFE, including Aizu Tenpo yuzu miso and spicy miso; Horaiya amazake (fermented rice drink); and Hanaharu sake brewery’s Yume no Kanade Junmai Daiginjo.

There will also be a panel exhibition introducing the charms of Fukushima as well as educational videos to raise awareness of the prefecture as well as to dispel misconceptions.

Between 14 to 30 November, diners who order the monthly special Fukushima dish and like Travel Fukushima Japan’s Facebook, may redeem a keychain of
Fukushima‚Äôs legendary Akabeko, or red bull ‚Äď a well-known¬†symbol of the Aizu region.¬†

The dish, Aizu Sauce Katsudon ($18++ dine-in; $18 nett¬†takeaway), consists of a chicken cutlet don drizzled¬†with Aizu miso and a side of ika ninjin ‚Äď a traditional¬†dish of dried squid strips and carrots in a light¬†aromatic soy sauce dressing.


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