Japan Rail Cafe Offers In-flight Meals from Japan Airlines in Jan 2021

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From 2 Jan to 31 Jan 2021, you can enjoy a selection of in-flight meals at Japan Rail Cafe in Tanjong Pagar! 

For folks who have been yearning to travel to Japan and enjoy all the things the beautiful country has to offer, Japan Rail Cafe and Japan Airlines (JAL) have teamed up in collaboration that will satiate some part, if not all, of your yearnings.


From a limited time from 2 Jan to 31 Jan 2021, you will be able to indulge in a selection of in-flight meals at the Japan Rail Cafe. Only 600 meals will be available during this month-long promotion. 

Prepared by SATS as well as Japan Airlines’ inflight caterer in Singapore, the meals are served true to form on JAL trays and compartmentalised into two appetisers, a main and dessert. The two menu varieties - Salmon Miso Yaki ($25) and Chicken Takiawase Tamago ($23) - were specifically chosen for their popularity among passengers. 

The Salmon Miso Yaki Dainomono consists of grilled miso-marinated salmon fillet, shiitake mushroom, carrot, snow peas, and shredded tamago on Japanese rice, while the Chicken Takiawase Tamago features a succulent chicken thigh with shiitake mushrooms, green beans, red peppers and shredded tamago on Japanese rice.

Both choices come with Zaru Udon – chilled udon noodles served with wasabi and soba dipping sauce, Kobachi – a ‘small bowl’ or side dish of spinach, corn and shimeji mushrooms in a savoury broth, as well as JAL Signature Earl Grey Chiffon Cake, which makes a pillowy soft and fragrant end.

Also, you will be able to purchase exclusive JAL merchandise, get a chance to participate in a lucky draw as well as qualify for attractive airfare discounts. 

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