Experience A Taste Of Japan As ISETAN’s Sakura Matsuri Returns To NEX!

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Families can indulge in a smorgasbord of scrumptious skewers, sweet treats, street food and premium fresh produce from 33 renowned brands!

Venue: NEX Atrium Level 1
Dates & Times: 

  • 14 to 25 Mar 2023: 10.30am to 9.30pm
  • 26 Mar 2023: 10.30am to 8pm

Sakura Matsuri Fair

Ring in the cherry blossom season as ISETAN brings back its highly anticipated Sakura Matsuri fair! Happening from 14 to 26 March 2023, the fair will be held at NEX Atrium Level 1 where families can look forward to an array of seasonal Japanese food flavours and specialities, such as Wagyu Beef Skewers, Takoyaki, Karaage and more!

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s fair to keep an eye out for:

Scrumptious Skewers

Experience a piece of Japanese food culture with classic comfort foods such as Wagyu Beef Skewers (S$13) from Niku Master and Hashimaki (S$5) from Nakayama Shokuhin. The marbled texture of the Wagyu beef is complemented by a smoky aroma when grilled to create rich and succulent skewers. Pair these beef skewers with the savoury Hashimaki, which is an Okonomiyaki wrapped around chopsticks, for the ultimate gastronomical experience.

Photo Credit: Niku Master

Photo Credit: Nakayama Shokuhin

Photo Credit: Ainoya Kichiemon

Enjoy Original Skewers by Ainoya Kichiemon (3 for S$12) — bite-sized morsels of vegetables wrapped around tender meat slices and threaded on skewers. The skewers are grilled to perfection with irresistible flavours that you don’t want to miss.

Photo Credit: Tsukiji Unagi Shokudo

Taste the essence of the sea with Tsukiji Unagi Shokudo Eel and Scallop Skewers (S$4, 3 for S$10). Made with baby eels bred within a year and scallops from Mutsu-City, Aomori, the skewers are sweet and full of umami - perfect for seafood lovers to indulge in.

Street Food

Photo Credit: Nakayama Shokuhin


Takoyaki needs no further introduction - this delightful Japanese street food is a must-have at any festival. Nakayama Shokuhin’s Takoyaki (S$9) — delicious grilled octopus balls made of wheat flour-based batter and filled with diced octopus from Hakata, Kyushu. Topped with takoyaki sauce, mayonnaise, green laver and dried bonito flakes, these mouthwatering takoyaki will definitely fill you up.

Photo Credit: Otaru Bonki

Continuing the trend of octopus snacks, Otaru Bonki serves soft and addictive Takozangi (S$8) for one to try. Originating from Otaru, Hokkaido, Takozangi is a deep-fried seafood treat that is wrapped carefully around giant Pacific octopus paste. The contrast between the crispy outside of the Takozangi and the soft seasoned paste makes it a tantalising dish to delight in.

Photo Credit: Mitamura

Photo Credit: Hokkaido Yamato

There is nothing quite like the taste of fried food! Mitamura offers delectable Croquettes (S$3.50 for 1 piece) as a hearty snack. Crispy golden brown outer skin encasing a fluffy and savoury meaty potato filling, these croquettes are the ideal combination of juiciness and savouriness. Pair it with Hokkaido Yamato’s Crab Sticks (S$10.80 - 16 for 1 piece) to experience the best of Japanese comfort foods. Choose between the original, avocado mayonnaise or mentaiko mayonnaise toppings to accompany the crabstick’s tender meat and keep you craving for more. 

Photo Credit: Ijima Shoten

Ijima Shoten offers delectable deep-fried and braised seafood from the Kumamoto prefecture (S$8.50 - S$9.50 for 100g), using batter and sauce made from their own original recipes. This will definitely be up your alley if you’re someone who loves the subtle sweetness of seafood paired with the crisp crunch of batter.

Photo Credit: Higo Marunoya

There’s nothing quite like the taste of freshly fried chicken. If you’re craving for some, be sure to visit Higo Marunoya, a brand renowned for its Marunoya Salted Karaage (S$6), which is paired with a tasty original sauce created with shio koji. Having received the gold award in the Karaage Grand Prix for three consecutive years, the salted Japanese-styled fried chicken has achieved the best taste and ultimate juiciness that keeps you craving for more.

Sweets & Desserts

Photo Credit: Yakimono Club

Photo Credit: Yakimono Club

Looking to try something sweet and chewy to cut the grease of fried food? Yakimono Club’s Dango (S$3 for 1 stick) is a delicious and chewy festival favourite. The pink, white and green colours of the dango represents the spring bloom, the last snow as well as new growth making it the perfect dessert needed to usher in the arrival of spring. Another popular traditional sweet is Yakimono Club’s Mini Taiyaki (S$9 -17), a treat that comes in easy-to-bite pieces. Mix and match between 8 different types of fillings for your Taiyaki as an appetising snack easily savoured by all ages. 

Photo Credit: Fruits Café TOKIO 

Japanese crepes are one of Harajuku’s most popular street foods. You need not look far for a Japanese crepe as Fruits Café TOKIO presents a delicious Strawberry Crepe (S$10) for one’s indulgence. Filled with fresh whipped cream and topped with plenty of fresh Japanese strawberries, the crepe is full of sweet goodness and is wonderfully instagram worthy.

Photo Credit: Itoshima Farm

If you prefer something icy and refreshing, Itoshima Farm’s Strawberry Shaved Ice (S$10) is a delectable dessert that is easy to eat on the go! Plump Itoshima strawberries are layered upon fluffy shaved nice and blanketed with fresh cream on the top. The light sweetness of the cream is complemented by the tangy strawberries to create a perfect dessert.

Photo Credit: Whitetree

Inspired by the flavours of spring, Whitetree’s Assorted Donuts (S$5.80) is another highlight to look out for. The donuts have a light and airy texture and are sprinkled with a variety of toppings. Each biteis flavourful without going overboard on the sugar levels.

Photo Credit: Monario

For a more traditional Japanese sweet, Monario’s Ningyo Yaki (S$4.50) is produced in a kawaii 'Kumamon' shape, the mascot of Kumamoto prefecture. It is a baked sponge cake available in 4 different fillings: traditional red bean paste, cream, chocolate and sweet potato. Pleasing to the eye and encompassing a familiar, comforting taste, these Ningyo Yaki can be savoured by all ages and doubles up as a perfect gift for family and friends.

Japanese Produce

Photo Credit: Takazawa Jozo

Photo Credit: Ajino Hyoshiro

Get a chance to experience the finest Japanese flavours at home with premium groceries that you can get from the fair. Takazawa Jozo sells Kaga Miso (S$15), a vital ingredient in Japanese cooking. This addictive-free miso is made with plenty of rice malt and matured for a long time to produce a rich taste and mellow aroma. Another product that you can’t miss out on is Ajino Hyoshiro’s Hyoshiro Dashi (S$35). The Hyoshiro Dashi is a convenient pouched soup stock made from a blend of traditional Japanese seasoning and carefully selected domestic ingredients to add a nuanced flavour to your dishes. 

For more information about the ISETAN Sakura Matsuri Fair, you may visit NEX’s website and Facebook page.


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