Here's How You Can Meet "Le Le" - The First Giant Panda Born in Singapore!

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The first Giant Panda born in Singapore is named Le Le and will make his debut appearance from 30 Dec 2021! 

Venue: River Wonders
Admission: Admission to River Wonders apply (Check pricing on Klook, KKday)

The official name of the first Giant Panda born in Singapore has been chosen! The winning name “Le Le” emerged as a clear community favourite, amassing more than 31,000 votes out of the over 64,000 votes sent in by the public. 

The character “Le ()” comes from ‘Shi Le Po’ (石叻坡), which was the ancient Chinese name for Singapore.  This was in use since the island’s beginning as a trading port. Shi Le Po is a transliteration of the Malay term “selat” which means straits, indicative of Singapore’s geographical location.  

Debut Appearance

Starting from 30 Dec 2021, guests to River Wonders can visit Le Le in his new glass-fronted nursery at the Giant Panda Forest. Visitors might catch a glimpse of his daily routine which includes playing with specially created enrichment toys, learning to walk more confidently and catching up on lots of snooze time (like dad Kai Kai!).

Viewing times are scheduled for around 10.30am and 3.30pm daily as these reflect Jia Jia and Le Le’s present routines. These viewing periods coincide with Jia Jia’s feeding and exercise sessions when she is comfortable to leave little Le Le on his own. Each ‘viewing window’, which ranges between 20-30 minutes, may vary depending on the comfort level of both mother and son, and will be reviewed and adjusted over the next few weeks.  



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