Go Museum Hunting and Collect Year of the Ox Hongbaos from the Museum Roundtable!

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Discover our Singapore Museums and celebrate the Year of the Ox with these cute Hongbaos from the Museum Roundtable! 32 different designs to collect!


Where: 32 participating museums, heritage institutions and galleries islandwide
When: 22 Jan - 19 Feb 2021
Fees: Free

The Museum Roundtable (MR) Lunar New Year Hongbao Campaign returns with new unique red packet designs based on the Zodiac Year of the Ox! There are a total of 32 participating MR museums with 3 new museums participating for the 1st time. These are:

  • The Private Museum Singapore
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum and CDL Green Gallery
  • Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital Heritage Gallery

*Sharp eye Hongbao collectors / museum enthusiast may notice that the number of museums are actually less than previous years. Many museums remain close due to COVID or are closed for renovations. In fact, only 1 operating museum is not taking part in this year's campaign. 

Meet Sandra - Avid Hongbao Collector and Mother of 2

Sandra started collecting museum Hongbaos in 2011, when the National Heritage Board (NHB) launched the first Hongbao series for the Year of the Rabbit. She and her 2 girls will go from museum to museum to collect these exclusive Hongbaos so as to get a complete collection. 

It was a tiring and challenging process but it allowed the family to discover and visit different museums, and for the first time, she and her children realise that there were so many different museums in Singapore - she vividly recalls her children's joy when they first visited the The Air Force Museum and got up-close to the many planes and equipment on display.

From primary school to secondary school, her girls have followed Sandra on these "collection" trips. Now, it is a family tradition where they head out during the Museum Roundtable (MR) Lunar New Year Hongbao Campaign to complete the annual collections and to continue discovering new museums - like in 2020, where they first visited the Singapore Musical Box Museum as the museum joins the campaign for the first time. 

BYKIDO NOTE: I highlight this story because I saw the joy in Sandra as she recalled the times that she and her children engaged in her hobby. She was so excited to share her children's joy at different museums and being able to connect with them (even now when they are in Sec 1 and 3) through her hobby. A simple activity that becomes a connection, I hope this inspires more families to build those bonds and create your family fun! 

Museum Roundtable Lunar New Year Hongbao Campaign

The 7th edition of the Museum Roundtable Lunar New Year Hongbao campaign runs from 22 Jan to 19 Feb. Families can visit the 32 participating MR museums to collect a set of unique red packet designs, with each set consisting of 8 pieces of red packet. 

The red packets feature a unique wrap-around design where the design continues to the back of the red packet as well.

This year, all redemptions are free and not tied to any admission fees. However, redemption criteria may still apply, please check here for more details.

Note that redemption is while stocks last, and first-come-first-serve basis.  We are told that there are 300 - 400 sets per museum, and according to the Hongbao collectors, sets usually run out by the first 10 days, with popular museums around the Civic District running out first. 

Museum Roundtable 25th Anniversary Giveaway

If you really love the collection but do not have the time or energy to visit 32 museums, you can either trade with others or take part in one of the 3 contest below to win a limited edition box set with all 32 designs!

1. QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Each set of red packet will contain a leaflet with a QR code, simply scan the QR code and you may be the winner of the limited edition box set! There are 250 box sets to be won! 

If you did not win, you will still receive a Year of the Ox gif to share with your friends and family too! There are 5 different designs available!

2. Facebook Giveaway 

From 22 Jan to 25 Jan 2021, simply submit responses to a question about the Lunar New Year on "I Love Museums". 15 random answers will be chosen to win the box. 

3. Submit A Hongbao Creation

From 28 Jan - 8 Feb 2021, create your own Lunar New Year decoration, such as lanterns, Chinse zodiac animals and flowers, snap a photo and submit it on the comments section of the 2nd giveaway post on "I Love Museums". 

NHB will choose 35 winners based on creativity and level of difficulties. Do note that the creation should be made with at least 1 red packet from the 2021 MR Lunar New Year Hongbao Campaign. 


For more information regarding the campaign, click here! 



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