Garfield and Mr Kiasu themed Pop-up Library at The Centrepoint

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The Garfield x Mr Kiasu pop-up library at The Centrepoint is the National Library Board's first-ever character-themed pop-up library! 

Venue: Level 1 of The Centrepoint (#01-33K)
Dates: Till Mar 2024, 10 am - 10 pm daily
Admission: Free

Running from 23 Oct 2023 to Mar 2024, the Garfield x Mr Kiasu pop-up library at The Centrepoint is National Library Board's (NLB) first-ever character-themed pop-up library, and has been set up in partnership with Mr Kiasu’s co-creator Mr Johnny Lau, media and entertainment company Paramount Global, and Frasers Property Singapore.

Patrons can look forward to borrowing a specially curated collection of e-titles and comics for reading within the library.

Creating Unique Spaces 

The rolling out of the Garfield x Mr Kiasu pop-up library is part of NLB’s ongoing efforts to bring the library experience and resources beyond its premises through Nodes. To create a unique and immersive experience for patrons, the pop-up library is modelled after home-grown comic book character Mr Kiasu’s cosy Housing Development Board (HDB) home.

Celebrating Garfield's 45th Anniversary

This pop-up library is also the final activation as part of Paramount’s year-round events across Asia, in celebration of the sassy lasagna-loving feline’s 45th anniversary. The 614sqft pop-up library features a variety of e-titles which will be made available for patrons to access and borrow.

Aside from Garfield e-comics, a variety of e-books on related topics such as cooking, leisure, and wellness, will also be made available for loan via QR codes found on wall features at the pop-up library.

A Collection of Garfield and Mr Kiasu Books

Families can browse a physical curated collection of around 120 Mr Kiasu and Garfield comic books. The books are donated by Mr Lau, the co-creator of Mr Kiasu, and the Global Publishing arm of Paramount respectively.

While the books are not for loan, patrons are invited to make themselves at home at the various seating areas found around the pop-up library, to enjoy the collection on-site.

Beyond Reading

Take the opportunity to check out a wall mural featuring an artwork exclusively commissioned for the pop-up library. Conceptualised by Mr Johnny Lau, the mural illustrates the friendship of Garfield and Mr Kiasu, including how Mr Kiasu invited the beloved feline to Singapore to have a taste of laksa.

The pop-up library also features an Instagram wall displaying a standee of Mr Kiasu with Garfield, which makes for a perfect photo spot.

Meet Garfield

In addition, popular Garfield comic strips are screened and looped on-site for bite-sized entertainment. Fans of the feline can also expect to meet Garfield at the pop-up library too. Details will be provided through NLB’s social media pages later.


The Garfield x Mr Kiasu pop-up library can be found at Level 1 of The Centrepoint (#01-33K), and is open daily from 10am to 10pm. 


 Photo Credits: The National Library Board



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