Gallop Stable @Downtown East Opens! | Get Ready For Up-Close Encounters With Horses And Many Other Exciting Experiences!

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Get the invaluable opportunity to spend time with the horses and ponies in a variety of ways, such as joyrides, stable tours, workshops and more!

Venue: Gallop Stable @Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, D'Resort Level 1, Singapore 519599

Gallop Stable @Downtown East Opens!

Gallop Stable @Downtown East has giddied-up to its launch! Step into the universe of horses, right at the doorstep of D’Resort at Level 1 and get the invaluable opportunity to connect with these incredible animals in a variety of ways!

About The Horses

They aren‚Äôt just any horses but sports horses that have retired from their heyday. Instead of facing a dreadful end upon retirement, the seven horses at Gallop Stable have been given a new lease of life ‚Äď one that is purposeful and meaningful, bringing much joy and love to people through bonding activities. While they‚Äôve been adjusting to their new crib, the staff at Gallop Stable @Downtown East have¬†also made it their mission to create a nurturing environment that helps the horses to thrive at their new, forever home. Each of them has their own unique and charming personalities that will tug at your heartstrings.

Note: There will be no animal interactions between 12pm to 2pm (as the horses will be taking their naps), as well as on days with wet weather or extreme heat (to ensure the horses' safety and comfort).

Pony & Horse Rides


  • $10 per session
    • Age Requirement: minimum 3 years old
    • Weight Limit: maximum 40kg
    • Height Limit: below 1.2m¬†
  • $15 per session
    • Age Requirement: up to 55 years old
    • Weight Limit: maximum 70kg
    • Height Limit: minimum 1.2m¬†


Pricing: $30 per pax (up to 10 to 15 pax per group) 

Gallop Stable @Downtown East also organises hour-long group workshops covering a wide range of topics in Stable Management, which focuses on teaching individuals about the care, management and maintenance of horses in a stable environment. Key topics include Horse Health and Nutrition, Grooming and Maintenance, and more. Check with the stable on the topic scheduled for the day. Reservations are required for this exclusive experience, make your booking at today!

Age requirement: minimum 3 years old

Stable Tours

Pricing: $5 per pax (at least 5 pax per group) 

Here, you can learn more about the horses and their home at Gallop Stable@
Downtown East. Reservations are required for this exclusive experience, make your booking at today!

Feeding, Horseshoe Painting & Other Horsey Art & Crafts

Photo Credits: Gallop Stable @Downtown East

Treat the horses with a feed packet at just $2. The little ones can also have their hand at Gallop Stable’s exclusive Horseshoe Painting ($12) or horse-themed Art & Craft activities, such as Window Art (from $6 for a S-sized piece), Sand Art ($10), Foam Art ($10), Mask-painting ($10) and more.

Birthdays, Photoshoots & Corporate Team Building

Make your special day extra memorable with loved ones and besties in the company of these endearing furry friends! Drop an e-mail at to book your perfect celebration*, and complete the experience with a beautiful photoshoot to eternalise these wonderful moments.

*Max capacity of 15 kids for birthday parties, excluding adults.

As horses adore company, Gallop Stable @Downtown East also welcomes corporate team building events. Be sure to reserve in advance at and let Gallop Stable @Downtown East curate your unique day out!

[NTUC Member's Exclusive] 

Free feed pack with each ride session

Promotion Period: now till 6 Sep 2023

From now till 6 September 2023, receive a free feed pack with each ride session purchased at the outlet, with valid NTUC Membership card presented.

Limited to one redemption per member per day. T&Cs apply.

20% off horseback riding lessons

To extend celebrations of the opening of Gallop Stable @Downtown East, NTUC Members can also receive 20% off horseback riding lessons at any of Gallop Stable's outlets.


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