Expert Series: 3 Things You Should Bring When Taking Your Child To Outdoor Playgrounds

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*Always heading outdoors with the LOs? This week, we speak with kids hygiene Experts, Sureclean®, who shares 3 Essentials to bring along to the Outdoor Playground. 

3 Things You Should Bring When Taking Your Child To Outdoor Playgrounds

Playgrounds and outdoor play equipment provide your child with lots of fresh air, exercise and social interactions with other kids. As with all public facilities, it is important for parents to check that the play areas are clean and safe enough for your child to play.

Outdoor Playground

Studies have shown that almost half of all playground equipment is contaminated with harmful germs and bacteria that cause the spread of common childhood illnesses such as Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease (HFMD).

When gliding down the slides or swinging on the monkey bars, your child is exposed to mucus, saliva, blood, urine, faecal matter and sweat from other children who have played just before.

Outdoor Playground

Also, if there are other children who are feeling unwell and playing together, this will also increase the likelihood of the spread of germs and bacteria to your child due to close contact.

Since it is a public playground, it is important that you prepare your child before each playground visit, so as to ensure your child stays safe and protected while having fun.

 Outdoor Playground

Here are 3 essential items that you should always bring along to the playground:

  1. Sunscreen – Young, sensitive skin is more vulnerable to the damaging rays from the sun so it is important that you keep your child safe and protected with the proper use of sunscreen. Remember to choose a sunscreen with a suitable Sun Protection Factor (SPF). If your child perspires a lot or the outdoor playground has water play facilities where he/she is going to get wet, then you would want to choose a water-resistant sunscreen.


    Besides using sunscreen, it is also best to avoid taking your child to the playground when the sun’s rays are at its strongest, usually between 10am and 4pm. Other types of protection include wearing sunglasses and a cap that protects your child’s face, ears and neck, which can give maximum protection to your child during outdoor play.


    1. Insect Repellent – Avoid nasty bites from mosquitoes and other insects by using child-safe insect repellents. Always read the label and follow directions and precautions as indicated. Nowadays, insect repellents come in various forms such as sprays, patches and wristbands, which make it convenient and effective at the same time.


    If your child is very prone to insect bites, it also helps to keep your child away from areas that attract flying insects, such as stagnant pools of water and flowerbeds. Avoid using scented soaps on your child or dressing him/her in too brightly coloured clothes, as they seem to attract insects more easily.


  1. Hand Sanitizer – It is always useful to carry a travel-sized, child-safe hand sanitizer in your bag for your child to use at times when washing facilities are not so readily available. Do teach your child to sanitize his/her hands after playing and socializing with the other children.

Outdoor Playgrounds

In fact, you may also want to get your child to sanitize his/her hands before playing because this will help minimize the spread of any germs and bacteria to the other children as well. And if every child develops this good hand hygiene habit, public outdoor playgrounds will be kept cleaner for all children to enjoy.

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After playing, it is always a good habit to teach your child to wash his/her hands with clean water and soap. This will ensure your child is safe and protected after each visit to the playground.


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