Experience Fresh Approaches to Wellness Through Art at Inaugural Gallery Wellness Festival

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Expect holistic programmes like meditation and slow art sessions that draws inspiration from the artworks on display in the Gallery's exhibition halls. 

Venue: National Gallery Singapore
Date: 3 - 12 Jun 2022
Fee: Free, unless otherwise stated

Catering to the mind, body and soul, National Gallery Singapore’s inaugural Gallery Wellness Festival 2022: Art Restores will see guided movement workshops, audio tour experiences of paintings and sculptures, bullet journaling in response to artworks and even sound baths presented in new and different ways to harness the restorative power of art for holistic well-being.

From 3 to 12 June, Gallery Wellness Festival introduces wellness technique through art experiences, to equip audiences with tools to navigate challenging times and stressors of everyday life, under the theme Art Restores.

Wellness has become a key priority in present times following the periods of isolation and disruption brought upon by the pandemic, which have taken a toll on people’s mental health. Providing fresh approaches to support one’s well-being, the Gallery Wellness Festival introduces a roster of art experiences rooted in practices of mindfulness, introspection and reflection, which participants may adapt and apply to daily life.

Gallery Wellness Festival 2022: Art Restores is part of Wellness Festival Singapore 2022, a Singapore Tourism Board initiative and the first nationwide effort to promote holistic well-being.

Curated for all ages, the Festival’s programmes are categorised under three pillars – Movement; Mindfulness; and Culture – showcasing physical wellness through movement; emotional and mental wellness through mindfulness exercises; and societal well-being through exchange of cultural ideas and practices; offering people different avenues to care for their well-being.

Here are some of the highlights:

Somatic Movement Series

  • Art of Silat with Hafeez (Featuring live drums by Riduan)
    Venue: DBS Singapore Gallery 1 | Date & Time: 5 & 12 Jun 2022: 8.30 am - 10 am

  • Elemental Qi Gong with Diana (Featuring gong meditation by Kristin)
    Venue: DBS Singapore Gallery 2 | Date & Time: 5 & 12 Jun 2022: 8.30 am - 10 am

  • Embodied Landscapes with Chloe (Featuring a curated Southeast Asian mix by a local DJ)
    Venue: Padang Atrium | Date & Time: 4 & 11 Jun 2022: 10 am - 11.30 am

The Somatic Movement Series consists of three separate sessions, each focused on a unique type of movement that awakens mind and body. Under the guidance of a facilitator, participants will learn how to freely express themselves through movement and re-engage with the sensations of their body.

The three sessions are Embodied Landscapes with Chloe (Featuring a Southeast Asian mix by local DJ Linda), Art of Silat with Hafeez (Featuring live drums by Riduan) and Elemental Qi Gong with Diana (Featuring gong meditation by Kristin).

Closer – A Movement Audio Guide

Venue: Various locations in the Gallery
Date: 3 - 12 Jun 2022
Time: 10 am - 7 pm

Experience internationally renowned artist Antony Gormley's works in a visceral way through a series of somatic scores developed by Elizabeth de Roza and Laurie Young. Presented via an audio guide, the listener will be guided to consider how they can use their own body to interact with the sculptures on display for a novel encounter with art.

No registration is required. Participants may scan the QR code available on site to access the audio guide.

Exploring Bullet Journaling Workshop

Venue: Seminar Rooms 3 & 4
Date: 4 Jun 2022
Time: 1 pm - 3 pm, 3.45 pm - 5.45 pm
Fee: $68/pax (online registration)

In Exploring Bullet Journaling Workshop, participants will learn all about the different components that are used in a bullet journal, after which you will plan and design your own layout. This introductory workshop encourages participants to bring mindfulness and focus into daily routines through bullet journaling, and is suitable for youths and adults with no experience in bullet journaling,

Each participant will bring home a special wellness care kit featuring artworks from the Gallery’s Care Collection, as well as the tools and materials that will help you embark on your own bullet journaling journey.

Sound Bath Experience

Venue: Keppel Centre for Art Education
Date: 12 Jun 2022
Time: 10 am - 11 am
Fee: $10/pax (online registration)

Sound Bath Experience is an immersive soothing session for tweens and teens. Bathed in a soundscape of music created using everyday objects, participants will be immersed in waves of soothing and echoing sounds that release their stress and fatigue. Each participant will receive a toolkit at the end of the activity to continue the experience at home.

The programme is recommended for children aged 10 – 14 years old.

Stories in Art

Venue: Keppel Centre for Art Education
Date: 11 - 12 Jun 2022
Time: 2.30 pm - 3.15 pm, 3.30 pm - 4.15 pm

Listen as a storyteller paints a picture worth a thousand words and tells stories inspired by artworks in the Gallery’s collection. 

Stories in Art is recommended for families with children of ages 4 – 10. Onsite registration at Keppel Centre for Art Education is required.

Drop-in Activities

Visitors looking for more art and wellness experiences during the Festival may also participate in drop-in activities taking place at the Spine Hall in the Gallery’s Basement Concourse Level.

The Calm Room

Building on its ongoing efforts to expand its offerings to become an even more inclusive and accessible space for art appreciation and well-being, the Gallery will launch The Calm Room in tandem with Gallery Wellness Festival.

The Calm Room is a dedicated space for visitors including those from neurodiverse communities, who may feel over-stimulated or overwhelmed by their environment. Designed in consultation with an appointed Access Consultant and individuals from neurodiverse communities, every detail in the Calm Room – from wall colours to textile choices and light settings – has been purposefully chosen to create a sensory-friendly space for all.

The Calm Room’s features include soothing ambient soundscapes, special seating pods for privacy and sensory kits which are available upon request, to help visitors take time to calm down, regulate stress responses and renew their focus during their museum visit.

Image credits: National Gallery Singapore 



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