Funan Proudly Presents The Fourth Instalment Of Its Mall-Wide Art Activation, Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragons

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Look forward to art installations, performances and interactive workshops that celebrate dragons, the legendary creatures revered across cultures and throughout centuries worldwide.

Venue: Funan
Date: 1Jan to 25 Feb 2024

Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragons

Get ready to be swept away on an enchanting odyssey as Funan proudly presents the fourth instalment of its mall-wide art activation, Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragons. Set against the backdrop of the Singapore Art Week 2024, this month-long exhibition runs from 19 January to 25 February 2024.

Step into the mesmerizing world of Creative Intersections, where the Year of the Dragon sparks inspiration for contemporary interpretations of this legendary being. As part of the exhibition, the dragon comes to life in a breathtaking exploration of its multicultural, symbolic, and aesthetic significance.

Shoppers and art enthusiasts alike can uncover the elusive nature of this mythical creature while embarking on a visual adventure through Funan's immersive exhibition.

Funan Narrative: Prose Poem x Yeow Kai Chai: On the Trail of the Dragon

Advocating for artists’ collaboration, Yeow Kai Chai, a former journalist and acclaimed writer in Singapore’s local literary scene, crafts a prose poem: ‘On the Trail of the Dragon’ where each artist will respond to a line in the poem, offering their own interpretation of dragons.

Find the full poem displayed at Funan Basement 2 Exhibition Stretch (near Atrix).

Funan Kinetic Wall x Koh Kai Ting: Pattern of Life

Using patterns inspired by natural phenomena, UOB Young Artist of 2018 Koh Kai Ting masterfully blends the realms of fantasy and reality through a series of animations: ‘Pattern of Life” displayed on Funan’s Kinetic Wall, to feature the exploration of phenomena, such as Turing patterns, Voronoi diagrams, and Conway's Game of Life.

Check out the minute-long animation at the Funan Kinetic Wall on Level 1 (facing the junction of Coleman Street and North Bridge Road) every 30min from 10am to 10pm daily.

Funan x Koh Kai Ting: Dragon Dance

Experience the magic of the Dragon Dance like never before with Koh Kai Ting's innovative AR interactive feature at Funan. This immersive technology allows users to bring the dragon to life anywhere within the mall space, not just at the entrance. By simply moving their phones, participants can engage in a virtual 舞龙 (Dragon Dance), adding an interactive and modern twist to this traditional celebration. This unique AR experience offers a blend of culture and technology, creating a memorable and engaging activity for all visitors.

Scan the QR Code at the Funan Kinetic Wall on Level 1 (facing the junction of Coleman Street and North Bridge Road) to try out the AR filter.

RAZER x Ong Kian Peng: Genealogy

Teaming up with the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers RAZER, President Young Talent of 2016 Ong Kian Peng unveils a mesmerizing audiovisual installation using generative AI, an interplay of luminous hues and intricate layers of acrylic, to showcase a dynamic Chinese dragon masterpiece.

The Green Capsule x Jeremy Hiah: Imagine Dragons

Jeremy Hiah carries a spotlight for his very own art installation, as part of a collaboration with The Green Capsule. Inspired by the metamorphosis of the dragon and how most insects bring fortune, Jeremy’s series of insect sculptures made from kitchenware is displayed at the storefront, where the brand will also be holding terrarium workshops with limited slots.

The series finds its home in The Green Capsule (#02-18), where the intricate insects will be displayed. In conjunction with the exhibition, this collaboration between The Green Capsule and Jeremy Hiah adds a distinct and immersive dimension to Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragons, enriching the overall narrative of the exhibition.

Wild Rice x Ezzam Rahman: Lovers in Chini

Former President Young Talent of 2016, Ezzam Rahman, collaborates with Wild Rice to produce a black-and-white performance video inspired by the association with the films in Yeow’s poem, and a 1963 Cathay Keris film production movie entitled "Naga Tasek Chini" - which will be broadcast at Wild Rice’s foyer on Level 4.

Funan Passion Eggs x Mr. Phua (a.k.a Jackie Chan of Jalan Besar)

Under the guidance of self-taught Craftsman, Mr Phua and selected artists from the exhibition will embark on a unique artistic journey – painting their signature works on plain dragon eggs. These Passion Eggs, a testament to Funan's six passions (Craft, Chic, Fit, Play, Taste and Tech), will serve as distinctive expressions of the artists' creativity. As a craftsman, Mr Phua’s journey since 1987 has involved the creation of props, cabinet furniture, carpentry, and foam carving. Through the collaboration with Mr Phua, Creative Intersections: Traces of Dragons brings forth a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary artistry, breathing life into the mythical realm of dragons.

Explore Funan Passion Eggs at the Level 1 Kinetic Wall, Basement 2 Underground Pedestrian Link (UPL) entrance, and Basement 2 Exhibition Stretch (near Atrix).

Dance Of The Dragon – An Animated Light Art Installation

This Lunar New Year, CapitaLand collaborates with one of Singapore’s leading creative studio and art collective, Tell Your Children, to showcase Dance Of The Dragon – An Animated Light Art Installation.

This animated light art installation is a modern interpretation of the traditional mythical dragon from the Chinese Zodiac. Presenting an immersive experience with a 10-minute light show that activates every 30 minutes, shoppers can delight in the vibrant display of light and music, which seamlessly integrates tradition with captivating and quirky digital animations.

Spot it at Funan’s Level 1 Atrium from 18 January to 4 February 2024.

[Instagram Contest] During this period, shoppers will be able to capture and share their fun moments with Dance of the Dragon through an interactive Instagram filter and stand a chance to win $50 eCapitaVoucher.

The Gachapartment Complex

Photo Credits: Funan

In conjunction with Light to Night Singapore 2024: Reimagine, organised by National Gallery Singapore, Funan’s Underground Pedestrian Linkway in Basement 2 also features The Gachapartment Complex, designed by Illustrator and Designer, Nikkei.

Available from 19 January to 3 March 2024, this installation invites shoppers to explore a hidden utopia where toys lead lives akin to ours. The Gachapartment Complex will also feature an augmented reality (AR) element, developed during a mentorship program between Nikkei and Temasek Polytechnic students (Rachel Tan, Jochebed Chong and Celest Ng).


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