Celebrate the Legacy of Antoine de Saint Exupéry - Author of the Beloved Classic The Little Prince

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A highlight of vOilah! 2024, Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry: When a Prince takes Flight celebrates the author behind the beloved classic, “The Little Prince”.  

Venue: 1 Sarkies Road Singapore 258130
Dates: 3 May - 31 Jul 2024
Admission: Free with paid workshops

Educational and cultural organisation, Alliance Française de Singapour presents “Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry: When a Prince takes Flight”, a remarkable exhibition celebrating the author behind the beloved classic, “The Little Prince”.

The exhibition is part of vOilah! 2024 and runs on the 80th anniversary of the author's disappearance. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore his legacy through a rare collection of exclusive artefacts, including first drafts of manuscripts, handwritten letters, original drawings and personal belongings, on loan from the Saint Exupéry Foundation. 

Three Thematic Sections

Thoughtfully divided into three thematic sections - Adventurer, Writer, and WWII Hero – the exhibition offers an immersive exploration of Saint ExupĂ©ry's extraordinary life and enduring legacy.

Guests are invited on a captivating journey through the exhibition, where they can uncover a wealth of artefacts. Each discovery resembles an exciting treasure hunt with the true pinnacle being ExupĂ©ry’s engraved name bracelet, discovered at sea in 1998 on the site of his tragic plane crash towards the end of the Second World War. 

Upon entering the first room with the ambiance of a private mansion, guests are transported to the author's roots, with Saint Exupéry's family portraits. Adorning the walls are galleries and timelines, providing a captivating glimpse into Saint Exupéry's familial history and early influences. 

The second room beckons visitors to delve deeper into Saint Exupéry's dual identities as a writer and adventurer. From handwritten letters to original manuscripts, this section showcases the author's literary prowess and his passion for storytelling. Central to this mesmerising display is a breathtaking sculpture of paper planes, symbolising the delicate balance between Saint Exupéry's adventurous spirit and his profound literary contributions. 

The concluding section pays homage to Saint Exupéry's heroic endeavours as a WWII Hero and pilot, highlighting his pivotal role during the war and his legacy to the world. Committed to delivering an innovative and immersive experience, Alliance Française de Singapour offers guests a unique virtual reality (VR) encounter, simulating the experience of flying a plane. 

Activities for Everyone

Additionally, Saint ExupĂ©ry French Excellence programme will offer a diverse array of activities suitable for both adults and children. These activities encompass 17 screenings, ranging from the documentary “Invisible Essence: The Little Prince” – a compilation of Saint ExupĂ©ry's most inspiring moments – to “The Little Prince”, a delightful movie introducing children to the extraordinary world of The Little Prince, where imagination knows no bounds. 

In addition, there will be six workshops offering creative pursuits such as coloured sand drawing and wooden plane building with Just Fly It, fostering creativity in both adults and children alike. Renowned writer and illustrator of children's books, Satomi Ichikawa, will also share her experiences and inspirations, allowing guests to glimpse into her travelling notebooks and witness her drawings and sketches firsthand. 

Adding dynamic flair to the programming via live performances, Hossan Leong, the famous comedian, captivates audiences with his storytelling of characters from Antoine de Saint ExupĂ©ry's “The Little Prince”. Additionally, a mesmerising piano recital by Nour Ayadi will enchant listeners with her exceptional talent and grace, promising an unforgettable afternoon of music.  


This exhibition is open to general public and free for all, including guided tours. Find out more at https://alliancefrancaise.org.sg/


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