BYKidO Visits: Pictures and Videos from the visit to T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen

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BYKidO re-visited T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen after our 1st popular visit. Our 2nd visit was not as packed as 8 Kids joined us for a morning of fun and education on dental care. 

The purpose of the visit is to help kids feel comfortable in a dentist clinic and to dispel any fears the kids have of visiting the dentist. 

T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen

By having an actual dentist take part in the interactive storytelling, of Timmy visiting Dr Friendly, we hope that the LOs will be able to relate with Timmy. By including a mascot of Timmy, we hope to make the experience more genuine for the kids! 

T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen

Next, the kids were given the opportunity to visit the dental room! For many, this was the first time and we allowed them to hands-on various equipment. With knowledge of the equipment, they will have less to fear!

For example, did you know the loud gurgling sound made is actually the equipment that sucks away your salivia? Sounds scary when you can't see it, but not so when you know what it is!

T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen

and when it was time to go, the kids were each given a Goodie Bag with dental items too! 

T32 Dental Centre @ CapitaGreen

Success! A morning of fun and educating the LOs!



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