19 of the Best BYKidO SHOP Listings in June 2023

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Discover and purchase your next family fun on BYKidO SHOP - here's our highlighted list in June 2023 for you to start planning!

This June, discover more family fun with our list of the best BYKidO SHOP Listings! Every month, we highlight our latest, most popular and exciting experiences available for purchase from our website - this month, we take a look at experience that you can enjoy over the June school holidays!

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1. *NEW* Animals and Us Academy: Friends of Animals Camps 

Join the veterinarians from Animals and Us Academy in exploring the animal world this June school holidays! At the Friends of Animals Camp, kids will dive into the world of pet animals to discover how unique each of them are and their specific needs to lead a healthy and enriched life!

These 3.5 hour workshops will be curated and taught by veterinarians and educators with teaching experiences, and each camp focuses on different animals including, Dogs, Cats, Hamsters and Rabbits!

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2. *NEW* Creative Culinaire: Parent and Child Baking Workshop

Join Creative Culinaire for their Parent and Child Baking Workshops to have a bonding time with your child while learning to bake. There will be 3 different items available to choose from this school holidays, including Jungle Kit Kat Cake, Rainbow Pinata Cake or Fruity Macaron! 

This is a 3-hour workshop that is suitable for 5 years old and above. Definitely a fun, exciting and tasty parent and child activity to do together this school holidays!

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3. *NEW* [Free Trial] Excel Maths with Creta Class

Creta Class is a Singapore educational application that is specifically designed for children aged between 3 to 8 years old to enhance their love of learning Maths, and develop their cognitive, emotional, and social skills, 

The content is closely aligned with the child's developmental zone, which makes them learn at their own pace. This free trial is suitable for 4 to 5 yr olds and requires just 15 minutes a day, by letting kids learn easily anytime and anywhere via the mobile App. The trial is for two weeks of Creta Class learning time with 1-on-1 teacher support

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4. *NEW* [Free Trial] Math Olympiad and GEP Trial from Think Academy Singapore

Think Academy helps students by transforming the way they approach Math, Math Olympiad and GEP. Give your child the confidence they need to conquer any math questions this school holiday with Think Academy Singapore. Guided by graduates from top universities, MOE specialists and math competition medalists, Think Academy’s math enrichment will develop essential problem-solving skills and build your child’s math foundations to solve out-of-the-box math questions.

Trial classes are available online and in-person (Square 2 @ Novena). A course consultant will be in touch after your registration to arrange the trial to suit a convenient time. 

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5. [Free Trial] GenieBook Online Learning Tools

Geniebook is an online suite of personalised learning tools powered by AI for Primary & Secondary students. With AI-personalised worksheets, live online classes and real-time chats for addressing academic questions, students can learn smarter and improve their scores in English, Chinese, Maths, and Science. 

Register for the free trial to receive a FREE Strengths Analysis, Live Online Class & A.I Worksheets. 

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6. [Free Trial] Online Spark Math Trial Class with Vispark

Spark Math is a one-of-its-kind online math programme that builds math confidence naturally in your child. Fun, engaging, and adaptive online math classes with small teacher to student ratios, the VISPARK curriculum is designed to align with the MOE syllabus and nurture higher-order thinking skills in children to help them excel in this subject.

Developed by curriculum specialists, the content improves children's mathematical thinking skills through various fundamental learning methods, and also utilises animation and technology to help children truly understand ‚ÄĒ and love ‚ÄĒ math.

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7. myFirst Fone R1 - Smartwatch Designed For Kids (Free Shipping)

The myFirst Fone R1, is a hybrid between a smartphone and a wristwatch. A fusion of functionality and convenience for parents who want to add security to their child. With a built-in MP3 player in myFirst Fone R1, this makes the Headphones BC the perfect partner!

You can enjoy free shipping when you purchase the myFirst Fone R1 before 30 Jun 2023! 

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8. Art Wonderland’s Flowers and Us June Holiday Workshops with Mini-Workshop Add-ons

Join Art Wonderland this June holidays in using art for good, helping the underprivileged community in Singapore. Empower and inspire your child to become a lifelong advocate for social change.

Join the 3-hour Flowers and Us guided art excursion programme for parent and child! Gather inspiration from the outdoors through processes like gestural drawings and frottage techniques, and create a semi-abstract sculpture inspired by the floral species of the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In the spirit of charity, your created artwork will be exhibited and auctioned off in September to help raise funds for the underprivileged children. You will bring home a framed photograph of your artwork and a certificate for being our charity's heroes. Join us in using art for good!

You can also choose to top-up your experience with mini-workshops too!

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8. 3-Day Crazy Football Fun with Lion City Sailors Football School 

Lion City Sailors (LCS) Football School will be conducting its popular soccer camps this June holidays! Participants will enjoy three days of crazy football fun, while honing their skills at the same time. Activities include fun football games and challenges, as well as intensive individual ball skills and techniques. 

Suitable for 5 to 12 years old, participants can decide between taking up the half-day camps on 13 - 15 Jun or 20 - 22 Jun from 9 am to 12 pm or the full-day camp on 30 May - 1 Jun from 9 am to 4 pm. Kids can choose to take part in just 1 day or all days!

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9. Take Part in a Pokemon-Themed Magic Workshop

Let your kids join this fun Pokemon themed magic workshop to learn how to perform magic and much more! This is not only for Pokemon lovers because kids can easily adapt the principles they learn to other themes. You will even bring home a few Pokemon merchandise as well as professional magic props! At the end of the camp, you will even get recorded videos to show see your child's performance and to share it with your friends too!

Conducted by professional magician, Mr Bottles, this holiday camp is suitable for 5 to 12 years old, where children can choose to attend the 1-day, 2-day or 3-day options, There will also be a $20 F&B voucher from British Hainan daily.

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10. Learn to build a Wireless Communicator with Algokids

At the 3-Days Chatterbox Workshop, children above 9 years old will learn how to build and program your very own Chatter device. Explore the endless possibilities of Chatter and take your communication skills to the next level! Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to get hands-on with the latest technology.

In this workshop, your child will be learning:

  • How to assemble their very own private texting device
  • How does the device encrypts/decrypts messages
  • How to code and load apps into their devices¬†

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11. Arkki Nature-Inspired Architecture Camp

At the Arkki Nature In+ Architecture Camp, children between 7 to 12 years old be introduced to the basics of organic and ecological architecture, as well as explore the special characteristics of living in nature. Over the four days, children will enjoy enriching sensory and learning experiences with different tactile activities and modelling techniques. They will learn to perceive scale, space and the difference between organic and non-organic shapes and then build their own versions of nature-inspired buildings or structures, including a treehouse!

The award winning creative programme infuses the application of STEAM subjects [Science, Technology, Engineering, Architecture/Art, Mathematics], Humanities and Social Sciences with situation-based projects and support the development of innovation skills and competencies. You will enjoy the experiential learning, problem-solving process, collaboration and working through the creative process of building and environment design.

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12. 5-Day Chinese Culture & Language Immersion Camp

Join H&C Chinese Art Center for their June Holiday Chinese Culture & Language Immersion Camp! Try your hands at calligraphy, ink painting, handicraft, watch Chinese movies or improve your Chinese reading. 

The camp runs from 10 am to 3.30 pm daily with lunch included. The detailed itinerary is included below.

  • 10am - 12pm: Calligraphy/ Ink Painting Camp
  • 12pm - 1.30pm: Lunch, Handicraft, Watch Chinese¬†Movies
  • 1.30pm - 3.30pm:¬†Chinese Leveled Reading Camp

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14. Customise Your Own Ukulele with Avant-Garde

Get creative in an art-meets-music workshop and paint a ukulele in patterns and hues that resonate with your personality. Organised by Avant-Garde Art Space Studio, families will first head to the Small Giant Music school for a short music course on how to strum a tune. Next, you'll receive a ukulele and get to experiment with splashes of colour at the Avant-Garde Art Space Studio next door.

This 3-hour Ukulele Paint and Play workshop is popular with and suitable for 3 years old onwards and is available every Sat and Sun!

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15. Pick-Up Parkour with Superfly Parkour

Conducted by Superfly Parkour, let your child gain greater confidence, motor and social skills whilst developing their joy of movement through this dynamic discipline in overcoming obstacles and using movement and the environment as a tool for self-expression.

This is a trial experience that let's your children earn all this through play, which ensures they stay engaged and focused whilst learning important skills and honing their creativity in learning to move freely in any environment.


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16. Explore Our Coastal Backyard with Young Nautilus

Come along on a Young Nautilus Nature Walk to explore our own coastal backyard in Singapore and take a closer look at the amazing animals! Kids will learn more about science and nature, and see in action what they have learned in schools about wildlife!

This is definitely an exciting and unique experience to bring the kids for this school holidays! 

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17. Parent-Child Fishing Experience with a Decorative Fish Tank

Discover nature at Nature Kindred, a nature-themed family space located within a plant nursery. Here, you will find various activities for families as well as a cafe for your meals too! 

Opened every Sat & Sun, the Parent-Child Fishing Experience will give your child the opportunity to catch guppies at the beautifully designed fish pond filled with little guppies of various colours and fin shapes. Armed with a little net and bucket, watch your child as they try to catch these little fishes, and we are sure you will want to join in too! 

You can choose to purchase the DIY Kit package that comes with the opportunity to decorate your own fish tank using rocks, sand and figurines! The collectible fish tank can house 2 to 3 fishes and is a great decorative piece at home! Or go without the kit and you will be provided a plastic container to bring the fishes home.

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18. Experience Simulation Flying At Aeroviation

Take the first step into the aviation world with Aeroviation by being in the shoes of 3 aviators! A pilot, an engineer, and also an air traffic controller!

In this 1.5hour Full Flight Experience for 2 pax, you and your child can have hands-on flying experience in the Cessna 172 simulator where instructors will be teaching you how to control the aircraft and complete challenges.

After that, be immersed in the world of VR where you will learn parts of the airplane and be in different aircraft! Finish your experience by testing yourself to manage multiple aircraft in the airport with the voice recognition Air Traffic Controller Simulator.

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19. Go Bowling with Bumper Lanes

Looking for an indoor and fun family activity? SingaporeBowling@Rifle Range is the largest bowling centre in Sngapore with 38 lanes. Now your kids can enjoy an hour of unlimited games on a bumper lane - they can even use the Dinosaur Ramp (subjected to availability) to make their game more exctingly fun!

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