5 New Digital Initiatives for Singaporeans to Enjoy in Celebration of National Day 2020

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New community-led digital projects unveiled in DigiMuse Presents: Circuit Breaker Edition!

In celebration of our National Day, five of the projects selected from the DigiMuse Presents: Circuit Breaker Edition open call will be made available to the public from 1 Aug 2020!

1. NDPerspectives by Kee Wei Kai

What: NDPerspectives is an AR work that allows you to explore National Day Parades over different eras and locations. Created by multimedia producer Mr. Kee Wei Kai, it juxtaposes archival scenes from different National Day celebrations over the years into an immersive 360° image.

Users can “step into” this panoramic scene and observe the evolution of various elements of the parades from the past to the present.

Where: Roots.sg
From 1 Aug 2020

2. ACM IG Filters by GOWAAA

ACM IG Filters by GOWAAA
Photo credits GOWAAA

What: For the first time, the public will be able to “try on” historical artifacts – through interactive Instagram filters inspired by the Asian Civilisations Museum’s (ACM’s) new Fashion and Jewellery galleries.

Produced by art and technology collective GOWAAA, the filter allows users to try on stunning fashion and jewelry masterpieces in the Museum’s collection. A second interactive filter, ACM’s Multicultural Questions, also challenges users to put their knowledge to the test through an engaging trivia quiz on selected artifacts.

Where: ACM Instagram
From 1 Aug 2020

3. ACM Treasures by iMMERSiVELY

ACM Treasures by iMMERSiVELY
Photo credits iMMERSiVELY

What: Draw close to treasures from ACM with web AR models by creative start-up iMMERSiVELY.

You’ll be able to explore cross-cultural masterworks of Asian antiquities and decorative art that celebrate the region’s rich artistic heritage and achievements, such as rare gold cup from the Tang Shipwreck collection and an exquisite bridal headdress from Southeast Asia.

Where: ACM Online
From 8 Aug 2020

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4. ND(AR)Pieces of Our History by iMMERSiVELY

ND(AR)Pieces of Our History by iMMERSiVELY
Photo credits iMMERSiVELY

What: Throughout Singapore’s 700-year history, various objects have been used to affirm identity and celebrate community. iMMERSiVELY has created 3D AR models of a selection of these in stunning detail.

From a locally manufactured Setron television set from the 60s that families would have gathered around to watch National Day Parades on, to the Singapore Stone with its mysterious inscriptions, you’ll be able to examine these objects up close in ways not possible before.

Where: Roots.sg
From 1 Aug 2020

5. Bite-sized Heritage by Jeremy Leong

Bite-sized Heritage by Jeremy Leong
Photo credits Jeremy Leong

What: Watch Singapore’s heritage come to life in a video series of edible treats, titled Bite-sized Heritage, inspired by artifacts from the National Museum of Singapore.

The video will feature pairings of artifacts with recipes of baked goods inspired by them, and viewers will be able to explore and discover bite-sized heritage trivia about objects unique to Singapore’s history.

The first video in the series will feature the well-loved Singapore Stone with a twist – lookout for a baked interpretation of it which everyone can try out at home.

Where: NMS Facebook and Instagram
From Early Aug 2020

DigiMuse Presents: Circuit Breaker Edition

As part of ongoing efforts to develop a vibrant museum and heritage scene in Singapore, as well as to provide opportunities for local creatives during the Circuit Breaker period, the National Heritage Board (NHB) launched a special DigiMuse Presents: Circuit Breaker Edition open call earlier in May, as part of its larger DigiMuse initiative.

The DigiMuse Presents: Circuit Breaker Edition open call invited local creatives, including freelancers, companies, or everyday Singaporeans, to take inspiration from Singapore’s heritage and pitch fun and innovative ideas that could be translated into bite-sized digital content and nimbly delivered on NHB’s digital platforms for Singaporeans.


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