9 Lockdown Activities for Kids Shared by Mummies | 2021 Guide

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As we find ourselves in lockdown, for those stuck at home with kids – these two weeks can be a little daunting with trying to find things to keep your children entertained. We’ve put together some ways shared by mummies to keep the fun going.

  1. Help them to pick up mathematics in a fun and interactive way


  1. Scoop and Transfer

    If your kid is an animal lover, he will definitely enjoy this scoop and transfer activity. Some may even excited to do it over and over again. 

  2. Learn to respect others through playing

    There are 10 ways here but if you manage to find something out from their play area it’s even better!



  1. Match the animals to their mum.

    There is always an abandoned cupboard in every house. Now you know how you can turn these cupboards into something else.



  1. Work on counting.

    Wave goodbye to the traditional way of asking them to count from 1-100 multiples times until they learn it. This trick definitely helps especially with those who struggles


  1. Homemade slide.

    Going out to the playground might not be a good idea but who says you can’t have a slide at home? Best yet, you don’t have to fork out any penny.


  1. DIY race track

    Cardboard is definitely the most popular item when it comes to crafting. If your boy is a car maniac, try occupy him by building him a race track.



  1. Reward them for helping with house chores.

    Not only does it help to entertain your little ones, but it also help to lift off some of your burden from juggling between work and household. On top of that, this activity inherently taught them to be responsible for their own space in the future.



  1. Help the caterpillar crawl.

    Super easy to prepare as you only have to fold and cut the paper into shapes. To increase the difficulty level, you can also use paper with heavier texture so that they will have to work out a bit.



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