BYKidO Update - September Week 3

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Dear Partners,


This is our 2nd update for September. We are now half way through the 4th month of BYKidO operations.


Thank you for believing in the idea of BYKidO and giving us the opportunity to Partner. We have had Partners who joined us since the 1st of June to Partners that join us in the recently on the 15th of September.


For new Partners – you may now view all Updates (starting 1st of September) from here.


Why am I writing the bi-weekly Updates?


I believe that BYKidO will not just be a listing sit but should work on a Partnership with each Partner. While the level of engagement for each Partner will be different and is dependent on Partner, I believe this approach will add more value to you, me and Parents who use BYKidO. So, the writing of Updates is to keep Partners updated on the success (or failure) of BYKidO and help to communicate our plans.


In all my initial meetings with Partners, I have stated my belief in a Triple Win. BYKidO will only succeed when we help our Partners to grow while providing our Parents a worthwhile reason to come to us.


Key Matrix – Past, Present and Future


Below is a table, listing a number of matrix that I look at. For each matrix, I have provided details on where we started in June, Last Update, Today and our Target in December.




Last Update













Mailing List





Facebook Likes





Members / BYKidO Pass Holders






How will each of the matrix help you?


  1. Partners and Promotions – this is key for BYKidO to remain attractive for Parents. We will need to maintain a certain number of Partners and Promotion to continue to be attract Parents. This will also mean more eyeballs for all Partners.
  2. Mailing List and Facebook Likes – the more we have, the wider our reach to promote for you. Let me take this opportunity to remind you that we are glad to promote any events or in-house promotions that you run.
  3. Pass Holders – these are people who are able to redeem your vouchers. The more we have, the more likely they will redeem your promotions due to the “spill-over’ effect across BYKidO Partners.




  1. Partners and Promotions
    1. New Partners for the months
      1. Playeum (Play)
      2. Aiskilin (Food)
  • A2 Parkour (Sports)
  1. Poika & Tytar (Health)
  1. Please let us know if you see potential collaboration with any of our Partners and we can be the connection.


  1. Promotions – with each Partner, we will be looking at more than 1 promotion, depending on type of Partner.
    1. If you like to promote another class or entry or membership, please get in touch with us and we will be glad to work out the details.


  1. Website / Mailing List
    1. Email Campaigns
      1. We sent a total of 4 emails this month with an average open rate of 25% (approx.. 40 opens) and click rate of 4% (approx. 8 clicks).
      2. The focus of the emails
        1. Introduce New Partners
        2. Promote our Content Marketing Blogs
        3. Promote Partners events or in-house promotions
          1. We promoted Power Kids Gym’s Open House via email and Facebook.
          2. Please get in touch if you wish to do any such promotions.


  1. Types of Promotions – “for BYKidO Pass Holders” and “For All”.
    1. The Promotions that have been agreed on are known as “For BYKidO Pass Holders”
      1. These promotions require the Parent to purchase the BYKidO Pass before being able to redeem the promotion.
    2. Promotions “For All” are for everyone to redeem. There have been 3 events that were “For All”
      1. Busy Tables Play Date
        1. We are organising a Play Date for Parents on the 29th of September @ Busy Tables.
        2. Parents may purchase the Entry Ticket without being a BYKidO Pass Holders.
        3. We have a total of 9 attendees at the moment and is still promoting the event.
      2. Summer Camps with Kidz Amaze
        1. We ran a promotion for Kidz Amaze’s summer camps.
        2. The promotion was for 10% off Public Fees and Parents could purchase the Promotion for $2.
        3. Unfortunately, we were not able to get any purchase of the promotion.
      3. My Gym Parenting Seminar
        1. My Gym is organising a seminar on the 24th of September
        2. They are giving free invitations to BYKidO and we are promoting this on the “For All” section
        3. We started promoting yesterday and have 2 redemptions so far.
      4. If you wish to discuss running a “For All” promotion, please contact me to discuss.


  • Content Marketing
    1. We are posting content on a regular basis (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays)
    2. Topics covered are Places to go, Activities to Share, Promos to Share.
    3. It may also be to promote our Partners as long as its relevant to the theme of Bring Your Kid Out
    4. Do let us know if you have any topics that we might be able to post
      1. Facebook average reach 1k
      2. com average daily visitor 200
    5. Activities (Events) – we aim to host monthly events such as Play dates, Parenting Talks or Group Trial Classes.
      1. While we are working on different potential events, please contact us if you wish to organise an event to direct offline traffic and to gain more eyeballs to you.
      2. Each events will require signup from, thus increasing our mailing list with each event.


  1. Facebook Likes
    1. Giveaways – we will also be conducting suitable Giveaways of Partners
      1. If you are keen to do a Giveaway, we will be able to do the Giveaway for you. Creative, Copywriting, Sharing, etc may be done by us.
      2. Giveaways also include BYKIDO’s Giveaways to increase our Facebook likes


  1. BYKidO Pass Holders
    1. Preschools – we are contacting preschools to discuss having BYKidO Passes for their student’s parents.
      1. Open House
        1. Through our outreach, we were invited to a Preschool Open House earlier this week to set up booth.
        2. While the turnout of the Open House was not huge, it allowed us to gain insights into future engagement and how we may be able to grow our Pass Holder base.
      2. Preschool Promotion
        1. We are in discussion with the Preschool to give BYKidO Passes to all their students.
        2. This will allow us to reach a relevant target audience.
      3. Corporate – we introducing BYKidO Passes as a Staff Benefit to the Benefits Committees.
        1. We started conversation with 2 organisations on the potential listing of BYKidO as a Staff Benefit on their intranet. The organisations are both Fortune 500 companies and are in the Banking and IT sectors
      4. Flyers and Decals
        1. Flyers and Decals will be ready next week. I will be in touch to discuss placing them at your locations.
        2. These will also be given out at appropriate areas.


  1. Other Changes
    1. Collaborations – We have reached out to suitable platforms on collaborations and are in different stages of discussion with each of them. These collaborations should see us share resources and reach out more effectively to our target audiences.
    2. PR Efforts – we have engaged a PR / Events Company to organise an event later in the year to give us visibility offline as well as in traditional media. We will provide more details when available.
    3. Redemptions – any redemptions will be updated to you directly via email.
      1. We are also working on removing the need for vouchers and having the verification integrated to the website. More details will follow.


And as always, I like to end this with


  1. How are you help?
    1. Continue to work with us – give BYKIDO more time to mature. While I appreciate our growth is slow, I strongly belief that it’s in the right direction.
    2. Introduce us to your customers – if there is no conflict of interest, we will appreciate if you share us with your customers and give them the opportunity to know more about us.
    3. Introduce us to anyone who might be keen to work with us – Partners, Collaborations, Preschools, Corporates, etc.
    4. As Partners, communicate with us. Let us know what else can be done together and how we can help you better



Thank you,



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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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