BYKidO Update - September Week 1

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Dear Partners,


This is our first update for September, the start of our 4th month of running promotions (June being our first).


Much have changed since our beginning – website, marketing approach, membership concept, and even this update is now in a PDF format. With each change, we have become better at what we do.


Why am I writing this update every week?


I have stated many times, that I believe that BYKidO will not just be a listing site but will work on a Partnership with each Partner. It will not be easy and we will definitely engage with each Partner on a different level of engagement depending on the Partner too. So I believe in writing the Updates to keep Partners updated on what is happening in BYKidO and maintain the channels of communication.


In all my initial meetings with Partners, I have stated my belief in a Triple Win. That is, BYKidO will only grow if we help our Partners grow through growing our Members (now BYKidO Pass Holders) base.


I like to take this opportunity to do a recap and also give a commitment to you. The last 3 months, BYKidO has seen positives in several areas as well as areas that require improvements. But the fact is, BYKidO have not managed to achieve our Triple Win belief and I want to aim to do so within the year.


Key Matrix – Past, Present and Future


Below is a table, listing a number of matrix that I look at. For each matrix, I have provided a figure for past, present and future. The reason for doing so is to


  1. To show how BYKidO has progress over the last 3 months. We focused on increasing the number of Partners (as mentioned in previous updates) and we have. I had the belief that with the increase in Partners, we will see increase in Members. Unfortunately, the growth in Members have not been significant enough.
  2. To commit to a figure and timeline, and to make it known to you, our Partner. While the numbers for December are not WOW, but by achieving it, we hope that each Partner will benefit from our growth.




As of Today










Mailing List




Facebook Likes




Members / BYKidO Pass Holders





So the first question is, how will it help our Partners (You).


  1. With an increased mailing list and Facebook likes, we get a wider reach to advertise for you. Either the promotions that is available on or any events / inhouse promotions that you run separately.
  2. We can also work on branding exercises that is not sales / promotions specific. Sharing of videos, pictures or events that is in-line with our focus – Helping Parents to Bring Your Kid Out.
  3. The increase in BYKidO Pass Holders, will hopefully see more spill-over effect between Partners and generate more revenue for each Partner.


The bigger question is, what will be done to achieve these numbers.



How do we achieve the growth?


  1. Partners and Promotions
    1. Partners - We will significantly slow down our efforts in this area.
      1. We will concentrate our efforts on potential Partners that are advertising on similar or relevant platforms.
      2. We will want to concentrate on Food, Health and Play.
    2. Promotions – with each Partner, we will be looking at more than 1 promotion, depending on type of Partner.
      1. If you like to promote another class or entry or membership, please get in touch with us and we will be glad to work out the details.


  1. Mailing List
    1. Website offerings
      1. Promotions – these are now separated into “for BYKidO Pass Holders” and “For All”.
        1. For BYKidO Pass Holders means that a Parent has to purchase the BYKidO Pass before being allowed to redeem the Promotion voucher
        2. For All are promotions that are available to Non BYKidO Pass Holders. Any Parent may redeem the Promotion Voucher for a token fee.
        3. We will reach out to each Partner to discuss if there are promotions that may be available for the “For All” category.
        4. This allows us to widen our reach and attract more Parents to sign up on our Mailing list.


  1. Ideas – this is our Content Marketing that used to be done on Facebook. These are now written on to increase our mailing list
    1. While it is more tedious to do, we can now attract more people to sign up on our mailing list.
    2. Our average daily visit used to be about 30 but we now see an average of 90 visits a day within a week of change.


  • Activities (Events) – we have created an events tab on and will be hosting monthly events such as Play dates, Parenting Talks or Group Trial Classes.
    1. Our first event at Busy Tables in September is a Play Date. The event was promoted from the 1st September and we already have 6 signups for the weekday event.
    2. We will continue to reach out to Partners to discuss potential events.
    3. Each events will require signup from, thus increasing our mailing list with each event.


  1. Facebook Likes to Mailing List
    1. By moving our regular Facebook post on “Places to go”, “Activities to do” and “Promotions to Share” to, we hope to convert our Facebook likes to our mailing list.
    2. We will engage with each Facebook like with a Personal Message to visit and thus have a higher likelihood of increasing our mailing list.



  1. Facebook Likes
    1. Bloggers review – we will continue to engage bloggers to review BYKIDO’s offering. With each review, we will be doing Giveaways that requires the Parent to “Like” our page.
      1. We will be starting our review with some of the bloggers in September
      2. Let us know if you like to be reviewed as part of the BYKIDO review or even separately – we will be glad to connect you.


  1. Giveaways – we will also be conducting suitable Giveaways of Partners
    1. If you are keen to do a Giveaway, we will be able to do the Giveaway for you. Creative, Copywriting, Sharing, etc may be done by us.
    2. Giveaways also include BYKIDO’s Giveaways to increase our Facebook likes


  1. Facebook Groups – we will continue to be active in Parenting Groups and Parenting Sales Groups.
    1. In addition, we are also in partnership with a Parenting Group that allows us to advertise our events and promotions.
    2. Parents of Generation Z is a group focused on Parents of Kids born after 1996 and currently has 3k members – we have full access to these members and will try to convert them to our Page likes.
  • We will also explore the need to have a Bring Your Kid Out Group and the effectiveness in increasing our Facebook likes.


  1. BYKidO Pass Holders
    1. Preschools – we will be contacting preschools to discuss having BYKidO Passes for their student’s parents.
      1. The focus will be the newer and smaller preschools
      2. The benefit to the preschools is that it is an additional benefit for the parents
    2. Corporate – we will be targeting Staff Benefit committees on the use of BYKidO Pass as a Staff Benefit
      1. Discounted Passes that the Staff pays or Passes paid by company.
    3. Flyers and Decals
      1. We are finalising flyers (Infograph) and Decals to be printed and placed at Partners locations
      2. These will also be given out at Children areas – Marine Cove, other Indoor Playgrounds, etc.


  1. Other Changes
    1. Weekly Updates – we will be making it bi-weekly going forward to allow us to provide more details on changes and progress.
    2. Collaborations – we are seeking collaboration with other similar platforms to help increase our reach, eg Women online magazines, other Kids platforms where our services are complimentary
    3. PR Efforts – we are in initial talks with a PR firm on event and PR management. To get us more visibility on traditional media as well as for BYKidO hosted events. More details will follow.


And as always, I like to end this with


  1. How are you help?
    1. Continue to work with us – give BYKIDO more time to mature. While I appreciate our growth is slow, I strongly belief that it’s in the right direction.
    2. Introduce us to your customers – if there is no conflict of interest, we will appreciate if you share us with your customers and give them the opportunity to know more about us.
    3. Introduce us to anyone who might be keen to work with us – Partners, Collaborations, Preschools, Corporates, etc.
    4. As Partners, communicate with us. Let us know what else can be done together and how we can help you better



Thank you,



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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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