The Hainan Story Launches its Coffee House Concept at Chinatown Point

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The Hainan Story unveils its fifth outlet, a coffee house concept, at Chinatown Point. 

Venue: 133 New Bridge Road #B1-52/52A, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413
Opening Hours: 8 am - 9 pm

The Hainan Story weaves its rich tapestry of beautiful Hainanese food tales at its latest outlet at Chinatown Point. Expect a repertoire of new offerings and perennial favorites as the restaurant invites you to experience the rich Hainanese heritage through a journey of food. 

The Restaurant Decor

Step into the coffee house and be whisked away to a bygone era. The playful palette of red, green and brown creates a cosy ambience. Brick feature walls, louver windows and mosaic tiles further add to the nostalgic flavor.

Exclusive Items

Bound to whet appetites, the Hainanese Ah Mai’s Chee Cheong Fun takes the humble dish and spruces it up with ingredients such as fried fish ball and hard-boiled egg. The ingredients are then drizzled with Chee Cheong fun sauce, green chilli sauce, rojak sauce and light soya sauce. The overall dish is garnished with fried shallot, spring onion and Chinese celery for a fragrant lift. The shallot oil also lends an aromatic undertone. 

Another must-try dish is the Hainanese Pig’s Trotter Assam Curry Noodle. Cooked for hours in a sour-spicy assam curry, the pork trotter falls off the bone. It offers a nice ratio of meat and fat for the perfect mouthfeel. Soaking up the curry sauce are ribbons of al dente rice noodle. Beansprout, fish cake and hard-boiled egg round out the line-up. 

Continue the indulgence with the very comforting Hainanese Pork Patty Noodle Soup. Perched atop the noodles is a slab of the quintessential Hainanese pork patty, which is juicy and tender. The patty, rice noodle, chye sim, fish cake and soft-boiled egg all come together in a slurp-worthy noodle broth.

The Baked Hainanese Rice Cake Lasagna is a new take on the beloved chwee kueh. The chefs have jettisoned the usual chye poh for a blanket of sliced cheddar cheese, which melts into gooey goodness under high heat. The blocks of wobbly rice cakes are soused in an eggplant tomato stew and accompanied with fine French bean and a lovely bechamel sauce.

Opening Hours

The Hainan Story Coffee House at Chinatown Point replicates the warm and congenial setting of a coffee house and is located at 133 New Bridge Road #B1-52/52A, Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413. 

It is open from 8 am to 9 pm. 



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