Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop Opens Its Latest Family-Friendly, Self-Service Restaurant At Sengkang Riverside Park

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Families can expect a unique dining experience paired with delicious food and a relaxed outdoor atmosphere without any service charge.

Venue: 50 Anchorvale Street, Singapore 544834
Opening Date: 27 Feb 2023
Weekday Opening Hours: 11am to 10.30pm (Last Order)
Weekend Opening Hours: 8.30am to 10.30pm (Last Order)

Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop (Sengkang Riverside Park)

Tenderfresh, that iconic home-grown fried chicken brand will be opening another family-friendly, self-service restaurant under the brand: Tenderbest Makcick Tuckshop on 27 February 2023 at Sengkang Riverside Park.

This 110-seater restaurant is segregated to two ends where the indoor dining area features a floor-to-ceiling view of the lush greenery of the park in an air-conditioned environment. While the sheltered outdoor dining area spots an industrial-grade ceiling fan which is bound to keep diners cool for maximum comfort during their visit.

New Food Creations

As a customer-oriented business, Tenderfresh has its customers to thank for the many new creations that will be offered at this new space. These include the following:

  • 10-inch Half-Half Pizza ($17.90): Diners can choose any 2 pizza flavours without ever having the concern about food wastage or over-eating

  • 6 Pcs TrioCheese Sticks ($7.90): Each order¬†comes with three different flavours (Truffle, Garlic Pepper & Pizzeria) paired with a special blend of Chilli Lime Dip instead of the regular chilli sauce served elsewhere

  • Crispy Chicken Wings Sedap Lemak ($8.90):¬†Enjoy this highly recommended and best-for-value dish, which is only available at this Sengkang Riverside Park location

  • ¬†Double-Shot Barista Brewed Cappuccino / Caffe Latte ($3.90)

Breakfast Menu

Opening Hours: 8.30am till 10.30am, every weekend & Public Holiday

Must-try breakfast items include:

  • Smoked Salmon & Eggs Benedict ($15.90)¬†

  • Brekkie Laksa ($8.90)¬†

Photo Credits: Tenderfresh

Sweet Treats

As part of the ongoing partnership with fellow local cheesecake brand Cat & The Fiddle, Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop will continue to offer cat & fiddle cake slices, such as the King of Mountain ($8.90).

Tenderfresh has also been actively engaging suppliers to source and to concoct a new batter mix for its freshly made Belgian waffles with Ice Cream ($9.90).

Get to also enjoy both classic Potong ice-creams ($2.50) & ice-cream cups ($1.50) across all available flavours from the restaurant's old school ice-cream bicycle cart.

Kid-Friendly & Wheelchair-Accessibility Features

Infant highchair & cutleries will also be made available on-site for the little ones.  There is also a designated disabled parking space beside the restaurant. 

Free Parking

Parking is free for all park users driving down.


  • By public transport (LRT)
This latest Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop outlet is located in Sengkang Riverside Park between Kupang and Farmway LRT Station and is accessible via the Sengkang LRT (West Loop). 
  • By cycling

Cycling to the restaurant is also possible as Sengkang Riverside Park is part of a wider network of Park Connectors accessible via NParks’ Coast to Coast Trail (Central).

Halal Certification Status

Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop (Sengkang Riverside Park) will be applying for MUIS Halal certification like the other 3 currently Halal-certified Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshops across the island. All ingredients used here comes from the same source from its restaurants & foodstalls island-wide. Muslims are advised to exercise personal discretion till the day the restaurant formally receives its Halal certification from MUIS.

For more information, you may visit Tenderfresh's website, Facebook and/or Instagram.


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