Swensen’s New Ultra Burger Series Is Here!

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Introducing Swensen’s New Ultra Burger Series — Ultra-tasty, Ultra-smashed Offerings That Will Leave You Ultra-Satisfied!

Swensen’s new Ultra Burger Series has landed and is set to deliver a symphony of delightful textures and irresistible flavours - the expertly crafted burgers are available in two extraordinary variations: the OG Ultra Burger and the Classic Ultra Burger. Each of the burgers are made primarily with premium U.S. beef, slathered with a secret sauce made in-house and served with a side of coleslaw and golden fries! 

OG Ultra Burger

The OG Ultra Burger ($16.90) is a mouth-watering masterpiece that celebrates a harmony of flavours. Soft, toasted brioche buns form the roof and base, sandwiching not one but two smashed beef patties that are incredibly juicy. Melted jack cheese provide a fun pull while white onions contribute crispness. 

Classic Ultra Burger

The Classic Ultra Burger ($17.90) is an impressive tower bound to wow. The well-seasoned beef patties are double-smashed and then seared to a beautiful crust. The burger’s overall flavour profile is owed to the multiple layers of ingredients: buttery brioche buns, sharp purple onions, tangy gerkhins, sweet tomato slices and fresh lettuce. Besides the explosion of flavours, they come together wholesomely to create a unique textural interplay!

Limited Edition Ultra Burger T-Shirts

From 29 Sep, 10pm onwards, get your own ultra-cool t-shirt with every purchase of an Ultra Burger in-store. While stocks last, limited to first 100 burger orders only!

Do not miss the chance to be part of Swensen’s Burger Movement! The t-shirt design features a unique QR code cleverly shaped like a burger which screams ‘Ultra-Cool’. Keep an eye out for the walking QR codes on streets and scan them with your phone for a surprise!


Swensen’s Ultra Burger series are available at all Swensen’s stores islandwide, for takeaway and delivery via GrabFood, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.




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