A Unique Dining Experience at Keng Eng Kee Seafood Third Outlet in SAFRA Punggol

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Engage in family-friendly activities like karaoke, bowling, and billiards after a meal at the latest Keng Eng Kee Seafood outlet at SAFRA Punggol! 

Venue: SAFRA Punggol
Opening Hours11am – 2pm for lunch and 5pm – 10pm for dinner

Serving up delectable zi char delights over 50 years, KEK Seafood is proud to celebrate the milestone in January 2024 with its third outlet in SAFRA Punggol. Renowned for their constantly evolving and innovative zi char dishes, the third generation-run restaurant celebrates Singapore at its latest 160-seater outlet with a photo-worthy interior.

A Instagram Worthy Interior 

The outlet brings icons of Singapore’s urban landscape indoors so that diners get to dine amidst and reflect on Singapore’s rapidly changing façade. Look forward to: 

  • an entrance designed after Punggol’s MRT platform
  • finding your seats via tarmac floors painted with road paint and signage
  • sitting amidst a standing 1980s bus stop and ERP sign and
  • reading off an iconic road sign menu board before placing one’s orders.
  • an eye-catching expressway tunnel with its signature arrow lighting, adjustable to set the right mood
  • a canopy adorned with hanging solitary lightbulbs is also bound to be a hit on social media, a throwback to a sight commonplace in early apartments in Singapore.

Diners can roll back the years with a nostalgia evoking mural depicting scenes of children playing on the grounds of the iconic Dragon Playground that many Singaporeans grew up with, with childhood games painted such as marbles (goli), hopscotch, and vibrant Peranakan Shophouses.

New and Exclusive Additions to the Menu

Look forward to tucking into new dishes exclusive to KEK Seafood SAFRA Punggol with the likes of Grilled Assorted Seafood with KEK Homemade Sauce ($32.80) featuring fresh tiger prawns, clams, mushrooms, and vermicelli complemented by KEK Seafood’s signature homemade sauce that packs an aromatic punch. Diners are then invited to add rice onto the sizzling platter, soaking up the delectable sauce for an incredibly satisfying experience.

Highlighting KEK Seafood’s renowned innovation, the Otah Charcoal Fried Dough Fritters with Salad ($16.80) brings a spin on the local favourite otah that is smoked and paired with crisp charcoal fried dough fritters.

The Sizzling Claypot Moonlight Horfun ($15.80) takes diners on a textural adventure with seafood horfun dressed up with Chinese sausages, plump prawns, and sliced fish topped off with a moon-like “raw egg” served in a sizzling hot claypot, be sure to scrape the bottom for the extra crispy bits!

Signature Classics 

The classic mainstays that have made KEK Seafood a household name are not to be missed, such as the crowd favourite Coffee Pork Ribs ($15.80) with its savoury and aromatic pork ribs marinated to the bone with a caramelized coffee sauce before being stir-fried to a decadent sticky treat. Sprinkled with a light hand of sesame seeds, this dish has travelled to and won hearts in Denmark, New York, and Spain in various gourmet events.

Other mainstays such as the Marmite Chicken ($15.80), KEK Curry Sliced Pork ($18.80), and Claypot Pig Liver ($21.80) bring a medley of bold and familiar flavours to KEK Seafood SAFRA Punggol. 

Opening Hours 

KEK Seafood SAFRA Punggol is open daily from 11am – 2pm for lunch and 5pm – 10pm for dinner.


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