HEY KEE - Authentic 80s Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong Experience in Singapore

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HEY KEE Brings an Authentic 80s Hong Kong Dai Pai Dong Experience to Singapore, with Photo-worthy Interiors and Classic Dishes from the Streets of Hong Kong! 

Venue: 102 Guillemard Road, #01-01, Singapore 399719
Opening Hours: 11:30am to 3:00pm / 5:30pm to 10:30pm, daily

HEY KEE brings an authentic Hong Kong’s famed dai pai dong experience to Singapore. From its vintage interior design to its array of homespun dishes, the restaurant evokes nostalgia at every turn, bringing a slice of Hong Kong to Singapore.

HEY KEE will pay tribute to Dai pai dong (大排档) means “big licence stall” in Cantonese, which are known for their affordable yet huge portions of comfort foods. Quite fittingly, the restaurant will occupy the space at the former Singapore Badminton Hall, a heritage gazetted site along Old Airport Road.

A Nostalgic Interior

The interior design is a dedicated homage to the golden era of Hong Kong, boasting vibrant aesthetics and carefully chosen elements. From the vivid red chairs and green banquet tables that exude energy to the walls adorned with vintage posters of renowned singers, celebrities, and classic movie icons, every detail resonates with nostalgia. At the entrance, a captivating barber’s spiral lamp beckons visitors to capture the essence of an old-fashioned barber shop with playful and glamorous photographs.

Additionally, for those waiting in line, retro-styled 80s/90s bus stops have been recreated, providing unique seating areas that pay homage to the era's public spaces.

Private Rooms with KTV

Adding to the experience, HEY KEE features private rooms that can accommodate up to 20 guests, equipped with karaoke systems (min. spending of $1,500) for an enjoyable and private dining experience.  The overall atmosphere is further enhanced by mosaic floor and wall tiles, completing the ambiance of timeless charm and authenticity. Spot the live seafood tanks—an iconic feature reminiscent of traditional Chinese eateries prevalent in the 80s and 90s—adding to the venue's authentic feel.

Signature Dishes

Discover the lip-smacking and authentic flavours of Hong Kong-style cuisine, featured in HEY KEE's top 6 signature dishes. Do not miss the ‘Typhoon Shelter‘ Style Stir Fried Crab 避风塘螃蟹 ($98/kg), which sees crabs stir-fried over high heat with garlic, scallions, chilli peppers, and fermented black beans. Another seafood favourite is the Deep Fried Mantis Prawn with Salt & Pepper 椒盐炒濑尿虾 (est $12-$20/pc by size, min 3 pcs), the mantis prawns are seasoned with a savoury blend of salt and pepper, cooked quickly at high heat to preserve their natural flavours and textures. A quintessential dai pai dong dish, the Pan Fried Beef Tenderloin Cubes with Potatoes 板黑椒薯仔牛肉粒 ($36.80) features generous cubes of tenderloin beef tossed with house-made black pepper sauce and potatoes. 

The array of delectable options continues with beloved dishes such as the ‘Temple Street’ Crispy Roast Chicken 庙街风沙鸡 (Half $22.80/ Whole $39.80), featuring French poulet that has been marinated and air-dried for up to six hours before being deep-fried to a tender, juicy interior with a crispy and flavourful skin; Sizzling Kai Lan with Dried Prawns in Claypot 蝦乾啫啫芥蓝苗 ($23.80), and HEY KEE’s Signature Claypot Seafood Porridge 東街生滚海鲜砂鍋粥 (price according to seafood choice) – handpick your favourite seafood straight from the live tanks to craft your perfect bowl.

Fresh Seafood Experience

Guests can select from a variety of live seafood options like soon hock, grouper, crab, lobster, prawns, and more. They're offered at competitive prices and can be cleaned according to individual preferences, all within a hygienic environment.

Our Experience

We had the chance to sample the food, although we didn't try many of the signature dishes. Nevertheless, we found the experience enjoyable and the food surpassed our expectations. It was incredibly flavorful, with distinct wok hei flavors commonly found in Cantonese cuisine.

Although the prices are higher compared to your typical local zhi-char store, we felt that the quality is definitely much better. Overall, we highly recommend the experience, especially when you take into account the overall dining experience.



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