FLIPPER'S Pancake Opens 2nd Outlet At Bugis Junction

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FLIPPER's Singapore is opening its 2nd Outlet at Bugis Junction and it will have several new and exclusive dishes too! 

Venue: Bugis Junction #01-97, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966
Opening Hours: 11am ‚Äď 9pm (Mon ‚Äď Sun), Last order 8pm

FLIPPER’S is a famous soufflé pancakes chain in Japan which opened its first outpost in Singapore at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City in Nov 2020. They will be opening their 2nd Outlet at Bugis Junction from 25 Oct 2021. 

Pancakes at FLIPPER's are served with 2 forks (no knifes) because they are soft, fluffy and can easily be torn by a fork.

Sweet & Savoury Pancakes

The brand offers both sweet & savoury pancakes that is suited for the entire day! Here are some of the new items which are only available at FLIPPER’S Singapore new outlet at Bugis Junction:

  • Kiseki Pancake Honeycomb and Nut Butter ($17.80)`
  • Kiseki Pancake Avocado Salmon ($22.80)
  • Kiseki Pancake Maple Bacon And Fried Egg ($22.80)

During the opening period, you will also get a chance to try the limited edition Millennial Pancake Strawberry Daifuku ($24.80). You can also top up $6 to any pancakes to complete the meal with a soup of the day and a choice of drink. 

The soufflé pancakes are cooked to order with precision - time and temperature, thus the estimated waiting time is about 20 to 30 minutes.

Our Experience 

We had the opportunity to visit the outlet before the opening and tried the Millennial Pancake Strawberry Daifuku and Kiseki Pancake Maple Bacon and Fried Egg

The seasonal limited edition Millennial Pancake features Chitose strawberries, house-made strawberry jelly and French cream cheese. It is covered by a dreamy layer of pink-coloured strawberry cream. 

The pancakes are served with a side of Daifuku Strawberry - a soft mochi stuffed with a strawberry. We recommend this for families looking to have a light dessert and if there are strawberry-lovers in the house! 

We also had the savoury Kiseki Pancake Maple Bacon and Fried Egg. Breaking the runny fried Toretama egg was definitely the highlight - this premium egg is creamier and the yolk is much more orange. 

The pancake is served with turkey bacon, crispy house-made rosti and a salad with sesame yuzu dressing and maple syrup. This is a good dish to share between parent and child for a simple lunch or brunch. 

Bugis Junction Outlet


The open- concept of the new outlet feels like we are dining outdoors except that we are in the air-conditioned area of Bugis Junction. In case you need help finding the outlet, you will find FLIIPER's between Nandos and Singtel. 

Another interesting feature at the outlet is the open concept kitchen that allows families to view the creation of the pancakes behind a glass panel. 

How to get there? 

FLIPPER's Bugis Junction outlet is located at Bugis Junction #01-97, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966. It is not easy to find with just an address, so we suggest you go towards Nando's and Singtel. 

Also, when we visited the main storefront was still boarded up, but we believe it will be much more prominent once the boards are removed. 

Do note that the outlet is open from¬†11am ‚Äď 9pm (Mon ‚Äď Sun) with last order at 8pm.


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