Don Don Donki Opens a Sen Sen Sushi at JEM Shopping Mall

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The Sen Sen Sushi at JEM will be Singapore’s first full-fledged restaurant that uses high speed conveyor belt technology to serve sushi orders at lightning speed, shinkansen style!

Venue: Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road #03-27/29 Singapore 608549
Opening Hours: 11 am - 10 pm

Sen Sen Sushi, with the origins of its name symbolizing ‚Äúfresh‚ÄĚť≤ú and ‚Äúselection.‚ÄĚťÄČ, every ingredient is carefully¬†sourced from many parts of the world to provide an authentic sushi dining experience.

Using Rice Milled in Singapore 

Using only the finest quality rice in the Koshihikari series, Koshiibuki rice is one of the most renowned variety specially produced in Niigata Prefecture, a famous rice-producing region of Japan. The rice is directly imported and only milled in
Singapore, then made into sushi rice at the restaurant to maintain its freshness and to produce a good balance of consistency and softness, unlike commercially-packed rice that have been processed over a significant period of time.

To bring out the flavor and aroma of the rice, a special type of vinegar is carefully concocted using red vinegar and daiginjo vinegar. Daiginjo vinegar uses the first broth of Rishiri kelp from Hokkaido, widely celebrated as the best kelp in Japan. It is an unparalleled match with our rice selection.

Beyond Sushi

On the menu, besides sushi selections, tempura and grilled items as well as side dishes are also available.

Parents can also expect a draft sake, Sou Jyunmaiginjyo Nama Gensyu, that is only available at Sen Sen restaurant JEM. Unlike regular sake which is typically pasteurized twice to extend its shelf life, this draft sake is left unpasteurized, resulting in a lively and umami flavor. Be sure to indulge in an epicurean journey with the superb pairing of sushi and sake.

Opening Promotions

Enjoy these special promotions from 28 July 2023. 

  • 28 - 31 Jul
    • 1 for 1 Yebisu beer
    • Discount on draft sake (90ml for $10, 150ml for $16)
    • x 2 dMiles for Members
  • 28 Jul - 31 Aug
    • Special Train Set at $8.90


Sen Sen Sushi JEM is located at Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road #03-27/29 Singapore 608549


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