Dian Xiao Er Launches Its First-Ever Kids’ Meal and Exclusive Kids Membership

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Dian Xiao Er launches its first-ever kids’ meal and exclusive kids’ membership with a special promotion running from 6 to 8 Oct 2023

Venue: Dian Xiao Er restaurants island-wide
Dates: From 6 Oct 2023 onwards
Fees: $9.90 per set

Dian Xiao Er launches its Rainbow Kids' Meal for 12 year old kids and below. Little ones can choose from 3 different sets with flavours to cater to their taste buds and promising a splash of colour to keep them entertained! 

Each serving is made from fresh ingredients to achieve nutritional balance and cooked up from a medley of colours, tastes and textures to keep things fun for robust palates. Also launched at the same time is the Dian Xiao Er Kid's Membership. 

Dian Xiao Er Rainbow Kids' Meal

The Dian Xiao Er Rainbow Kids' Meal is available in 3 different sets, each priced at $9.90. 

The Steamed Fish Set (ć«©ć«©é±Œć„—é€) serves deboned slices of steamed fish fragranced with soy sauce. Offering a variety of options to help you create a wholesome meal, such as pairing steamed rice with stir-fried broccoli and mixed fruits, and finishing with a silky-smooth original soy pudding for dessert. You can also swap the stir-fried broccoli for tofu with shallot oil or stir-fried edamame. 

The Steamed Chicken Set (è’žè’žéžĄć„—é€) dishes up herbal steamed chicken cubes with black fungus, matched with rice and tofu with shallot oil. Sweet endings also offer mixed fruits and original soy pudding. Swap out the tofu with shallot oil for stir-fried broccoli or stir-fried edamame according to taste. 

The Shrimp & Egg Set (QQè™Ÿć„—é€) cooks up a fluffy shrimp omelette with whole juicy prawns and serves it with steamed rice and stir-fried edamame. Rounding off the meal are mixed fruits and original soy pudding. The set also offers the swap from stir-fried edamame to stir-fried broccoli or tofu with shallot oil should you want.

Dian Xiao Er Kid's Membership

Embark your kids on a stamp-collection journey with Dian Xiao Er Kid’s Membership. 

With every Dian Xiao Er Rainbow Kids’ Meal ordered, a stamp will be rewarded. Collect 5 stamps and they will get a Dian Xiao Er exclusive merchandise, and collect 10 stamps and they are entitled to one (1) free Dian Xiao Er Rainbow Kids’ meal.

Special Launch Promotion on Children's Day Weekend


For three days only from 6 - 8 October 2023, every child who orders a Dian Xiao Er Rainbow Kids’ Meal and finishes their meal will be rewarded with a Dian Xiao Er DD.Duck. A bright yellow rubber duck created in the image of the Dian Xiao Er mascot wearing a chef’s hat. 


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