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Indoor Playgrounds Are Reopening Soon | Singapore Phase 2 Reopening

Indoor Playgrounds have been closed for over 2 months now, but we might finally be seeing them reopen soon.  *Update as of 13th July 2020: MTI releases advisory that states that Indoor Playgrounds may be reopened (the advisory also mentions the reopening of in-mall playgrounds).  A number of playgrounds have fallen victim to the economic situation since the start of COVID-19. Some of the kids' favourite playgrounds, Kidzania, Cool de Sac, and Playolah have closed permanently, and many more suffer economically as they remain closed. But this might change soon... Reopening of Playgrounds Following the reopening of attractions, we have also received updates that indoor playgrounds will be allowed to reopen too. The Ministry of Trade and Industry updated their list of...

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