Northshore Plaza At Punggol Offers A Unique Waterfront Shopping Experience With Eateries, Retail Outlets, Kids Playgrounds And More!

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Northshore Plaza is the first seafront New Generation Neighbourhood Centre to be built in an HDB estate and here's what you can expect at this mall!

Venue: Blocks 407 & 418, Northshore Drive, Singapore 820407 & 820418
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm, Daily

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Northshore Plaza I & II is located in the heart of Northshore District in Punggol Eco-Towns and is also designed around a comprehensive network of community spaces and parks. The community spine seamlessly connects the mall to the residential blocks and the Samudera LRT Station. 

Open-Air Concept With Lots Of Open Spaces

Beyond commercial facilities, Northshore Plaza is also designed around a comprehensive network of community spaces and parks. The community spine seamlessly connects Northshore Plaza to the residential blocks and the Samudera LRT station. This naturally-ventilated corridor extends alongside the common green to Punggol Promenade, providing convenient and sheltered access to the waterfront. The high ceilings and natural breeze from the sea also makes the mall very airy. In addition, there's also plenty of open spaces with seating areas for families to relax and chill.

Lookout Area With Sea View

The mall also has a lookout point on Level 2, where families can enjoy a scenic waterfront view.

F&B Offerings

Northshore Plaza I and II boasts a plethora of dining options, such as:

  • Swee Heng 1989 Classic
  • Fun Toast
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  • Creamier

  • Koi The
  • Cantine
  • 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

  • A&W

  • Dancing Crab¬†& Slappy Cakes
  • Downstairs
  • Gaku Sushi Bar
  • Grove Cafe
  • Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

  • Little Caesars Pizza
  • McDonalds

  • Qi Ji
  • Sixth Floor Oyster Cake
  • Song Fa Kway Chap

  • VS Caf√© Vietnamese Cuisine

  • Gurney Drive Signatures by Penang Culture

    Supermarket & Convenience Stores

    The mall also houses a supermarket, a convenience store, as well as a bakery supplier store.

    • Cheers
    • Giant Supermarket

    • Redman by Phoon Huat

    Retail, Personal Grooming & Recreation

    Some of the retail stores, personal pampering services and recreational facilities available include:

    • Decathlon

    • Daiso

    • Clippers Barber
    • Anytime Fitness¬†

    Enrichment Centres

    The third floor of Northshore Plaza I is where all the enrichment centres are located. Some of these learning options for school work, performing arts and music include:

    • Kickmatics Taekwondo
    • Mind Stretcher Learning Centre
    • Mulberry Learning
    • PlayFacto School
    • Tree Art
    • Wang Learning Centre

    Small Playground 

    There is a small playground (for 2 to 5 year olds) located on the 3rd floor of Northshore Plaza I beside the enrichment centres. Little ones can play on the little slide, swing and play panels. 

    Pirate Ship Playground

    For the older ones, you can find a pirate ship-themed playground over at Northshore Plaza II where kids can enjoy pretend and active play! The "ship" also looks into the sea, giving more realism to the pretend play element! 

    Family Amenities

    There are nursing and family rooms located within the mall. The rooms are adjacent to each other, and are equipped with sinks, hot and cold water dispenser, diaper changing stations and a sofa for the breastfeeding mother.

    Easily Accessible Via Samudera LRT Station & Punggol PCN

    Northshore Plaza I & II is located at Blocks 407 & 418, Northshore Drive, Singapore 820407 & 820418, and is directly connected to Samudera LRT Station (PW4) on the Punggol LRT (PGLRT) West Loop via an overhead link. Samudera LRT Station is located just beside Northshore Plaza I above Punggol Way.

    The Punggol PCN also runs alongside the mall, which makes the mall an ideal location for families to stop by/over after a walk/run/bike ride along the sea.


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