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This November, UNIQLO is proud to announce the launch of its “UNIQLO at Home” campaign that highlights a range of loungewear, bedding goods and accessories catered to both the young and old!

With the focus on improving the way we relax, starting with the clothes we wear, this exciting new range by UNIQLO is perfect as we start to wind down towards the end of the year.

"UNIQLO At Home"

The range features unrestrictive designs in smooth fabrics, providing a new level of quality comfort and versatility for home and one-mile wear.

Women’s Cassie Byrnes Rayon Satin Pajamas

Designed in collaboration with Australia-based print designer, Cassie Byrnes, these colourful pajamas provide smooth comfort that will make relaxing at home even more enjoyable.

Women’s Relaco Shorts

Choose from a short length or a ¾ cut. Available in elegant floral prints, patterns and versatile solid shades. Featuring a semi-wide fit that is more flattering, with added comfort and versatility.

Women’s Satin Drape Pants

Feel-good bottoms that boast a smooth texture and a beautiful glossy sheen, with an elasticated waist for easy movement. Choose from a jogger style or straight cut. Available in elegant floral prints and versatile solid shades to wear at home or for one-mile.

Men’s AIRism Cotton Short Sleeve Set

Coordinated top and bottom outfit combining the moisture-wicking functionality of AIRism with the smooth texture of cotton.

Men’s Jersey Relaxed Ankle Pants (Denim)

Updated with a jersey fabric that is resistant to fuzz and piling, while offering easy movement and greater comfort.

Men’s Dry Stretch Easy Shorts

Featuring a comfy stretch fabric that is quick-drying with DRY technology, offering a relaxed fit and bright colours perfect for casual wear too.

AIRism Bedding Goods

Discover the complete AIRism bedding collection featuring duvet covers, bed sheets and pillow covers, which is instantly cool to the touch and moisture-wicking to keep you fresh all night. This season offers navy as a new colour to the lineup.

Room Shoes

Providing you with comfort right from the first step out of bed, with double-layered insoles for improved support and non-slip rubber soles.

Apart from the bedding goods and loungewear for the adults, the range also includes ultra comfy lounge wear for kids and babies so that both the parents and child can have a better night’s sleep.

Kids’ AIRism Cotton Blend Short Sleeve Set

The Kids’ AIRism Cotton Blend Short Sleeve Set features AIRism with DRY technology for an incredibly smooth texture and comfort. Coordinated top and bottom outfit combining the moisture-wicking functionality of AIRism with the smooth texture of cotton, for easy and fuss-free outfit pairings.

Babies/Toddlers' Long Sleeve Pajamas

Comes in varied cute patterns with snap-closure shoulders and wide neckline for easy outfit changes. The pajamas also comes in a stretched fabric for a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Check out the full "UNIQLO at Home" range here.

"Get In Bed With Us

Along with the campaign, UNIQLO will also be introducing Get In Bed With Us, which is a series of intimate IGTV sessions right from the bedrooms of wellness mavens who will be sharing how they’ve made their homes a haven to rest and recharge.

This is also a refreshing way of showcasing the range of UNIQLO loungewear and bedding goods, and how they improve the way we relax. Fans of UNIQLO can look forward to the following personalities and the topics they will be touching on:

Kelly Latimer 

Host, Presenter & Content Creator (@kellylatimer)
Topic: How do busy mums work, play and unwind at home?

Amanda Olivia Lim

Content Creator (@manda.olivia)
Topic: What goes into turning a home into a haven to unwind?

Jason Lee

Founder of Scent by Six (@scentbysix)
Topic: How can the “world’s most fatigued country” rest up through the power of scents?

Photo Credits: UNIQLO Singapore

Tune in on UNIQLO Singapore Instagram.

Wellness And Mindfulness Tips From Experts In The Field

In light of the pandemic burnouts from the work-from-home situations and Singapore listed as the most fatigued country in the world, UNIQLO is committed to helping Singaporeans rest and relax better at home.

Speaking with two local experts in the field of wellness and mindfulness, we have gathered some tips and perspectives encouraging Singaporeans to rest and relax.

Camellia Wong

Co-founder and registered psychologist behind InPsychful and member of Singapore Psychological Society.

Many of us tend to believe that we do not have sufficient time to rest and relax, thus, believing that we need to take a significant amount of time away from work and the family to rest. What if all it takes is 5 minutes a day to create the mental space to rest and relax?

  • Remove yourself from your work desk and head to a space in the living or bedroom for 5 minutes or 15 minutes during lunchtime. Do not bring your phone along. Just lay or sit there and close your eyes. This simple strategy can help us disconnect from work and gadgets and reconnect with ourselves. All it takes is as little as 5 minutes a day.
  • Before bedtime, listen to soothing music, or if you have essential oils, you can use them to help relax as well. Again, do not use your phone or watch TV as you lay in bed. Just be with yourself and the music/scent.
  • Keep the bedroom for rest time. Do not bring your laptop or work-related documents into the bedroom. Instead, grab your favourite book and wear something comfortable as you get ready to unwind and relax.
  • Dress up for work. Others may find it helpful to dress up like they usually do when they head to the office. Then after work hours, change out to something comfortable. This behaviour of switching from work clothes to home clothes can help us distinguish and switch from working mode to resting mode mentally.

Sophie Khoo

ICF Accredited and Newfield Certified Coach, who collaborates with clients in achieving their objectives, challenges them in exploring new ways of seeing situations, people, possibilities and co-create with them, new approaches and actions.

There have been discussions about Singapore being the most fatigued country in the world, and how we need to rest and relax. But why does it seem harder to rest than to work? Hear the perspectives and tips from Sophie.


  • We are keen on a quick-fix solution. However, they are often not sustainable, eventually resulting in more frustrations and stress. Our capacity to genuinely slow down or rest was very much crippled when they became part of our “to-do list”.
  • We are reliant on motivation and willpower. Motivation and willpower are great in starting you on a high and you perform effortlessly, but they leave you to procrastinate and fall back into your old habits once they wear off. Changes require consistent application and discipline. The more you practice, the easier it gets. And the easier it gets, the easier it gets.
  • From Go big or Go Home to Not Going At All. We have been conditioned to “Go Big or Go Home” when it comes to setting goals as they will keep us motivated to achieving them. But often, going big makes it overwhelming and ends up with a harder time getting the momentum going and getting anything done at all.


  • Create a checklist of your desired outcome and the change required to reach the outcome. However, be mindful to break it down into smaller goals, as achieving just one per cent of your goal is better than nothing at all. It can be as simple as reducing your coffee intake to half, which might go a long way in achieving your sleep goal. Remember to experiment with your checklist and modify what would work best for you.
  • Outsource your accountability and discipline to someone who you trust and is committed to you winning in life. This will help to create a reliable strategy for you to stay consistent in working towards your goals, change a habit or simply live the life you want to.
  • Be gentle and kind to yourself by reframing successes and failures. Instead of doing the habitual self-blame when your plan doesn’t go the way you prefer, start a conversation with yourself and get curious about what has led to the current outcome. This way, you can start welcoming failure as a way to understand how you can improve better.
  • Commit to rest like how to commit to work with active rest that you can schedule into your day. It can be anything you do while awake, with the purpose to renew and rejuvenate. Remember that it doesn’t have to be something too big.


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