Places to go this weekend: 12 Family- Friendly Places to visit in Bali!

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From amusement parks, adventure parks, to safaris. South East Asia offers an endless list of family friendly activities that makes this area the perfect choice for families while looking to spend some fun-filling holidays together.

Overseas Places to Bring Your Kids Out!

We look at Bali, a place commonly known for it's beautiful beaches but did you know there are 12 Family Friendly Places to visit too! This is part 1 of our overseas Places to Bring Your Kids Out!

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Bali has everything from beautiful beaches, rich culture, friendly people, great weather and wonderful food; a perfect combination for a family-friendly holiday! And with its wide range of family accommodation like Club Med and The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali, children and parents will enjoy every minute of their holiday on this amazing island.

Waterbom Park ‚Äď wet & wild fun

The perfect recipe for a fun day is to spend it in the Waterbom Park. An oasis in the middle of famous Kuta street, Waterbom Bali is set in a lush tropical garden with countless ways to fill your day with thrilling activities on land and in the water. Fun for the young and the young at heart!

Required age: all ages, children under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult

Waterbom Bali

Treetop Adventure Park ‚Äď nature from a birds‚Äô eye view

Venture with the whole family from tree to tree and discover nature from a birds’ eye view at this Treetop Adventure Park. With 7 circuits on heights between 2 and 20 meter, 72 challenges for all levels and ages, and 12 flying foxes up to 160 meters long this can fill a whole day with fun and more fun.

Required age: minimum 4 years old

Treetop Adventure Park Bali 

Splash Waterpark at Canggu Club ‚Äď get ready to get wet

Splash Water Park features world-class water slides with interactive ride technology that takes fun to a whole new level! Canggu is only a 10-minute drive from Seminyak and is surrounded by the beautiful rice fields. Get ready to get wet!

Required age: all ages

Splash Waterpark in Canggu, Bali

Bali Marine Safari Park ‚Äď adventure in all varieties

At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can choose to enjoy your safari from the back of an elephant, interact with your favorite animal up close, experience the wildest fine dining moment surrounded by lions or make your own big splash at the water park and fun zone. A real adventure in the wild for young & old!

Required age: all ages

Bali Marine Safari Park, Bali 

Bali Zoo ‚Äď just fun, over and over again

Young children can visit the zoo over and over again, no matter where in the world. Bali Zoo is the first and only zoo in Bali with 350 rare animals from either Indonesia or foreign countries. It is a place where various kinds of flora and fauna are gathered with the intention of education and conservation.

Required age: all ages

Bali Zoo, Bali

Dolphin show¬†‚Äď fall in love‚Ķ

Every child gets a smile on its face the moment he/she glimpses a dolphin. This is your chance to see those beautiful and friendly animals during the early morning dolphin show at Lovina Beach. And it won’t just be your children who will fall in love…

Required age: all ages

 Dolphin Watching in Lovina, Bali

Elephant encounter ‚Äď get up close and personal with this friendly giant

Without a doubt a must for all people visiting South East Asia is an encounter with an elephant. In the Elephant Safari Park in Taro you can get up close and personal with these friendly giants in a beautiful tropical park setting. Here you can ride, hand-feed and touch them, take photos with them and learn all about these incredible animals. All elephants were rescued from deforestation in Central & South Sumatra.

Required age: minimum 5 years old

Elephant encounter 

Bali Bird Park ‚Äď enjoy the bird sanctuary

Who doesn’t like tropical, colorful birds? Kids and adults will certainly enjoy this Bali Bird Park, a natural-habitat-like sanctuary with almost 1,000 birds from 250 different species and a special area for the Komodo dragon (the enormous Indonesian lizard). Take a walk through the park for close encounters, feed the birds, witness a free flight bird show and visit the bird nursery.

Required age: all ages

Bali Bird Park, Bali

Devdan Show ‚Äď acrobatic dance and Indonesian culture

Feel part of a wondrous journey of 90-minutes at the¬†Devdan Show¬†‚ÄúTreasure of the Archipelago‚ÄĚ at Bali Nusa Dua Theatre. Enjoy a spectacularly modern and contemporary acrobatic dance performance inspired by Indonesian culture. Your kids will feel the magic and learn at the same time.

Required age: minimum 4 years old

Devdan Show in Nusa Dua, Bali

Perfume Workshop ‚Äď create your own fragrance

Introduce your children to the art of fragrance composition at a Perfume Workshop for children. They will select their favorite smell and write the formula to create their own and unique perfume!

Boys will love it as much as girls and will feel like little scientists.

Required age: minimum 4 years old

Perfume workshop in Jimbaran, Bali 

Taman Nusa Cultural Park ‚Äď go cultural

A great way to teach the children about the culture of Indonesia is a visit to Taman Nusa Cultural Park. All of Indonesia’s rich and diverse culture is showcased at this location that offers information in an attractive and interactive way while enjoying the natural beauty of Bali. Visitors of this cultural park are invited to experience Indonesia’s journey throughout the centuries.

Required age: all ages

Taman Nusa Cultural Park, Bali

Fishing trip ‚Äď Family fun fishing in Lombok

Thinking about heading to, Bali’s less well-known but equally stunning neighbor, Lombok? Why not spend the afternoon soaking in the radiant sun on this half-day fishing program. Bond with the whole family and learn together as your children pick up a new skill to impress their friends with after the summer holidays. It’s a fun way for your kids to experience nature and learn the art of patience whiles discovering the unspoiled reef and exotic breeds of fish. Here’s a useful beginners guide on how to make the most of your family’s fishing trip, from what gear to use to, safety regulations and other useful tips!

Book the afternoon fishing trip in Lombok and explore Senggigi’s best fishing spots here.

Required age: minimum 5 years old

Family fishing in Lombok

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