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One Day in Singapore | 3 Different Itineraries with the Best Things to Do

Source Singapore may be reputed to be small and expensive and if you agree with that then you still have much to explore in Singapore! 1. Recoup with All Things Nature MacRitchie Reservoir/Source Itinerary #1 Morning – Set off on the nature trails at MacRitchie Reservoir Afternoon – Lunch at Habitat Coffee Evening – Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park What better place to mingle with Mother Nature’s finest than at MacRitchie Reservoir. Don on a pair of comfortable shoes and set off on a scenic nature trail in the morning. While you’re there, make the best of your trip and hike up to the Tree Top Walk where a magnificent sight will greet you. It’s quite like the feeling of standing...

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Free, Fun and Educational Online Resources To Do At Home | Dealing With COVID-19

Source: McKaela Lee/Unsplash Free online games, activities, ideas for craftworks, fun facts, and much more to keep your kids entertained while they’re stuck indoors! Imagine, the dishes are piling up, the laundry basket is overflowing and your kids are nagging at you to go out and play but you can’t do that because you’re asked to stay home due to the COVID-19 situation. How are you going to survive? For you, here’s a list of links that will help you to continue making memories with your little ones at home, allow them to pick up a new skill or knowledge and keep them occupied while you finish your chores! Best of all, most of the activities are free! Draw a...

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Subscription Waived! Free Stories and Audibles for Kids from Amazon,

Audible Stories, an Amazon company is waiving subscription of books and audio stories for children and students of all ages! You can now stream a collection of stories from your devices!  As the COVID-19 situation develops across the world, we have seen cities and countries locked-down and families asked to stay home. On the positive side, we have seen companies step-up with various online initiatives to help families stay occupied (and for parents to keep sane).  From parents who share activities to do at home to virtual tours around the world's greatest landmarks, and now Amazon has stepped forward to waive off subscription of books and audio stories from  Also See: Video of 5 Easy-to-do Activities with Kids at...

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Stay Home and Visit the World | Virtual Tours to Help The Family Explore Beyond Your Home

Even if you are stuck at home, with the use of technology, you can now explore beyond your home while still at home! From National Parks to Museums, we bring your the most exciting places you can visit from home!  With the recent COVID-19 situation, many families are forced to stay home or have chosen to do so. With the use of technology, you can now explore National Parks, "walk" through Museums and even head to Mars from the comfort of your home!  So sit back, relax and let us bring you and your children to explore the best virtual tours to explore beyond your home!  Nature The Hidden Worlds of National Parks A new Google Arts & Culture exhibit and interactive...

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Mummies Talk: We Asked Mummies, What Have You Been Doing with Your Kids?

We reached out to mummies on our Instagram, and asked them what have they been doing with the kids since the COVID-19 situation. We selected a few to share! Parenting is not easy, in fact, its downright hard (and painful too). We started BYKidO with the aim to make parenting a little easier, and to make it a lot more fun but we also realise that it cannot be done alone.  With the recent COVID-19 situation, we hear many mommies (and daddies) asking about things to do at home, or where is safe to go. So we reached out on our Instagram account to mummies who we often see share about the things they do and the places they go with...

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