Review of the LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide

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LEGO released the new LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide in early 2023 and here's our review of the build and building process! 

The latest of the LEGO Technic offerings, the LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide is a 1:16 model of the Bugatti Bolide, built by Bugatti, this is the 3rd fastest car in the world (reaching 100km/h at just 2.2secs and a top speed of more than 501km/h). The French manufacturer has also announced that they will only be releasing a limited quantity of 40 units at a net unit price of 4m Euros.

I am not a car-enthusiast nor have I built a LEGO Technic before, but reading all these information about the sportscar made me keen to try put it together. 

LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide

The LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide is a 905-piece set and is stated as suitable for 9 years old and above. With the many small parts and details, we agree with the age recommendation and will expand our recommendation to only serious young builders around the age group - a non-interested 9 or 10 year old may struggle to complete the build while a serious 8 year old may enjoy the process more. 

The set comes in 4 packets with over 156 pages of instructions. It took us a lot of patience and a total of 10 to 12 hours across 4 days to complete the build. We also had to rebuild the set several times due to mistakes made at earlier stages. 

*For new builders of LEGO Technic, do note that there are numbered pieces within the set that you can match to the instructions. This makes sure you are using the right pieces that are similar. It is a process that we were not familiar with and missed out until later in the building process - thus the need to rebuild several times. 

A Working V16 Engine And Other Movable Parts

With the set, you will get a working V16 engine where you will see the pistons moving when the rear wheels are moved. This is done by having a central cam shaft connected to the rear axle and this moves the 16-pins on the engine when the wheels move - this is a pretty cool design and we spent some time to better understand the design and how it came together too. 

You will also get the "Hand of God steering", a fairly common feature in LEGO Technic sets where the steering is controlled from the top of the vehicle. This allows the builder to move the front wheels by turning a knob at the top of the car and increases the "playability" of the set. This knob can also be removed if you decide to put the set on display. 

Beyond the engine and steering, other movable details include the opening scissors doors, front hood and engine covers. 

Its All In The Details

Because we are not car enthusiasts, we do not know how realistic the build is compared to the actual model. However, we noted certain details made, like the interior dashboard and steering wheel that came with a printed Bugatti logo.

Searching online, we also saw a number of recurring comments about the details, including 

  • The use of new LEGO parts to replicate the shape of the car
  • Yellow and black colour scheme inspired by the original model
  • An extensive sticker set¬†

The completed LEGO Technic 42151 Bugatti Bolide measure 8 cm high, 31 cm long and 13 cm wide. It is available at Bricks World and at the LEGO Official Shopee Store at $79.90 before any discounts. 



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