McDonald's New Hasbro Happy Meal Toys - Monopoly, Connect 4 And More!

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New McDonald's Singapore Happy Meal toys are mini version of Hasbro classic games! 

McDonald's and Hasbro are bringing back childhood games in the form of Happy Meal Toys! Expect mini Connect 4, Twister, Monopoly and more! 

8 Mini- Games 

From 30 Sep to 27 Oct 2021, there will be eight adorable mini games to collect with purchase of Happy Meals at McDonald's. The games are not just pretty to watch but functional as well! You can play them with your kids! 

You will find mini board games and little accessories inside the Monopoly, Battleship and Trouble.

For Twister, you will be playing with your fingers, and Operations has little organ pieces that you move around with a wand! The Hungry Hungry Hippo is a min-version of the popular game for 2 person - great for some parent and child bonding time! 

Find out more about the McDonald's Happy Meal! 

*Photo Credits: Vivien Teo Facebook


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