McDonald’s Singapore - Free Pokémon Toy + Pokémon Trading Card Set with Happy Meal

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Catch them all with a purchase of a Happy Meal from now till 21 Sep 2022 - Pokémon Collectibles or Pokémon Trading Card Set!

Venue: McDonald's Singapore

McDonald's Singapore launches a series of 8 Pokémon-themed collectibles that was previously only available in Japan. You can now get your hands on these collectibles with a purchase of a Happy Meal set. 

Also brewing is another collaboration where you can receive a Pokémon Trading Card set from 1 Sep, read on for more information! 

Toy Designs

The toys follow a camping theme - you will find a Pokémon Camping Cup, Compass, Binoculars, etc. New design is available every Thursday from 11am.

  • 25¬†‚Äst31 Aug
    • Pokemon¬†Camping Cup
    • Pikachu¬†Fork¬†and Spoon
  • 1 ‚Äst7 Sep
    • Pokemon¬†Camping Wagon
    • Pokemon¬†Collector Kit
  • 8¬†‚Äst14 Sep
    • Pikachu¬†Compass
    • Pikachu Binoculars
  • 15 ‚Äst21 Sep
    • Pokemon¬†Spinning Flyer
    • Poke¬†Ball Magnifying Lens

Or Get Books Instead

Spark your child’s curiosity as The Tiny Detectives find answers to BIG questions when they dive into each of the 12 stories, exclusively created for McDonald’s.

You can choose from a book or toy in every Happy Meal purchased now, while stocks last!

Pokemon Trading Cards Available From 1 Sep 2022

This news is more speculative. A number of website have shared that from 1 Sep 2022 there will be another collaboration between McDonald's Singapore and Pokémon - in this collaboration, you will be receiving a Pokémon Trading Card Game with purchase of a Happy Meal.

We found some information from the Pokemon official page (might not be the same as it refers to the US site)

"Pokémon fans who purchase a Happy Meal through mid-September 2022 will receive everything they need to stage a Match Battle with friends. You can find Pokémon friends like Pikachu, Rowlet, Gossifleur, and more, and send them into a match of coin flipping, spinning, and fun with numbers. The last Trainer with a Pokémon in play gets to claim victory."

Each battle box comes with 

  • 4-Card Booster (each booster pack contains 1 foil card)
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Coin
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Card Box

Will this be the same - and do we receive both a toy + trading card set from 1 Sep? We can only wait to find out - or let us know in the Community Forum if you have more details too! 



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