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Family-friendly Guide to Da Nang: Nature, Culture and Adventure

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Coming in at #7 on the Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Trending Destinations 2020 list is Da Nang, located in Central Vietnam. Gather the kids and hop on a short 3 hour flight to escape the hustle and bustle here with Da Nang’s laid-back vibe and myriad of kid-friendly activities.


Tripadvisor rounds up some popular family-friendly attractions and restaurants in Da Nang for your next family vacation with the kids.

The Marble Mountains

Danang, Marble Mountains

Located 9KM south of Da Nang are a cluster of five Marble Mountains. The summits give you an unobstructed view of the South China Sea and Non Nuoc Beach which is a beautiful, quiet beach along Da Nang’s coastline.

Danang, Marble Mountains

Danang, Marble Mountains

Thuy Son, which means ‘Water Mountain’, is the only mountain accessible to tourists. The mountain is fitted with a lift in case the steps are too steep for the little ones. It houses a multitude of limestone caves peppered with Buddhist and Hindu shrines. The mountain is perfect for exploring but be sure to wear covered, comfortable shoes. Most of the caves’ entrances and exits are easy to get in and out of. A Tripadvisor reviewer commented “Plan at least 2-3hours if you want to see all. The view on top is amazing but climbing path is a bit difficult, my 5yr-old managed to do it with some help.”

My Khe Beach

Danang, Marble Mountains

With a 30KM coastline, Da Nang has a multitude of seashores and My Khe is among the most popular with its pristine white sand and clear blue waters all year long, just a short taxi ride away from the city.

 Danang, Marble Mountains

It is a safe and ideal location for children to swim all year round with warm water and no large waves. 40K VND gets you a beach chair, where you can lounge and read a book on the shade while the kids build sandcastles or take a dip. Food and drinks are also readily available for a snack in case they get peckish. “The beach is flat and therefore, when you go into the water, it is shallow for a long stretch making it ideal to take a dip without any danger,” a Tripadvisor reviewer commented.

Ba Na Hills

    Danang, Ba Na Hills

    A resort/theme park hybrid that is a 45-minute drive away from Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is home to the attractions most people rave about while on the topic of Da Nang.

    Danang, Ba Na Hills

    Danang, Ba Na Hills

    Take the Ba Na Cable Car to Marseille Station for the Golden Bridge (Cầu Vàng). The Golden Bridge is a majestic bridge held up by massive stone hands. In the early mornings, fog shrouds and surrounds the bridge – a magnificent photo opportunity and unforgettable experience for children that would not require too much of a walk while avoiding the crowds. A Tripadvisor reviewer added, “The bridge is actually a lot shorter than it seems in photos and doesn’t take long to cross.”

    Near Le Jardin Station are the picturesque Le Jardin D’Amour Gardens where the kids can frolic among the flowers, the gardens are also great backdrops for a family photo to commemorate the trip. Don’t forget to check out Fantasy Park, filled with arcade games that the kids will get to enjoy for free. “The theme park was perfect for kids and the lunch buffet was pretty good,” A Tripadvisor reviewer commented.

    Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

    Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

      With more than 400 artifacts on display, from Champa sculptures dating back to 5th – 15th century to National Treasures, these artifacts center around various themes such as religion, mythical animals and fertility symbols. One of the first museums built in Vietnam by the French, this museum is a must-visit for history buff parents wanting to expose their children new cultures of the region, starting from Central Vietnam. Stay till the evening for a special dance performance. A Tripadvisor reviewer commented “Took a private tour with the wife and two young kids. It was nice to learn about the history of the people and the culture.”

      Dragon Bridge

        Just across the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture is Dragon Bridge, another unique bridge to check out in the city. On the weekends, check out the fire and water shows where the dragon seems as though it is spewing fire from its nose. Stand at a vantage point where you can see its head clearly and let all your kids’ fantasy stories come to life. A Tripadvisor reviewer commented, “The kids loved it for Instagram!”

        After exploring all that Da Nang has to offer, join the Da Nang Evening Food Tour, a small-group walking tour that gives you access to the variety of savoury food unique to Da Nang. The spots will be five to ten-minute walks apart and won’t be too taxing on the young ones. At each spot, you will be able to learn how the dish was made, how to eat it and other trivia. “Each place was very accommodating with regards to spice level for the kids,” a Tripadvisor reviewer commented. Da Nang

        For a sit-down meal, Madame Hanh is a popular restaurant with a dedicated kids’ corner for your young ones, letting kids colour, do origami and other crafts. “Throughout the meal, we were very well looked-after with drinks service and on how to eat some of the dishes,” a Tripadvisor reviewer commented.

         Da Nang

        Rom Kitchen is another restaurant to consider with their reasonable prices and friendly service to put children at ease. Come for their popular barbeque beef with thyme, sweet and sour chicken and mango salad. A Tripadvisor reviewer commented, “the restaurant even has three baby chairs, rare for Vietnamese restaurants,” making it a great choice even with younger children in tow.

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