BYKidO Moments: Mummy Ruby’s Resort World Genting Media Trip with Kids

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BYKidO Moments: Mummy Ruby’s Resort World Genting Media Trip with Kids

What’s so magical about Genting Highlands? You won’t believe it but we got a list of stuff to share – especially on what to expect if are planning a family staycation with the kiddos! Oh, and don’t forget to bring your jackets!

BYKidO Moments: Mummy Ruby’s Resort World Genting Media Trip with Kids

BYKidO Moments: Mummy Ruby’s Resort World Genting Media Trip with Kids


We got to experience one of the more family-friendly hotel in Resort World Genting – THEME PARK HOTEL! Located at the doorsteps of the Arena of Stars and SkyAvenue, the resort’s latest lifestyle mall, we are merely 5 mins walk away!

With a pram/stroller in hand, you don’t want to stay too far away from the main attractions/theme parks.

Theme Park Hotel

The moment we stepped in, it felt like we were down into a rabbit hole of surprises awaiting! We met all of the Genting Malaysia’s mascots (you will get to see them at the mall as well!).




Personally, this is the best experience I had throughout the whole trip! Disguising ourselves as stormtroopers with our blaster in our hands, we storm into the mysterious reality rooms for serious fun and thrilling walk into the space of VR WORLD with my media friends!

We held our breath and hands, scream and laugh at each other without any clues on what to expect but the moment the screen went on right in front of us, we do what we had to do! And it was beyond fun! Now, we finally knew what all the hype was about!

This is one of the TOP RECOMMENDED things to do in RWGenting, even if you need to ditch your kids and husband for that 15 to 20 mins of completing the tasks (that’s what I did!), you will not regret it!

2. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Adventureland

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Adventureland - Zombie Outbreak

Beware of the Zombie Outbreak! This part of the Adventureland not only gives you the thrills but now the chills! Will not forget the moments with the living dead comes scaring us from behind the doors and bloody scratches on the window, yes we challenged and survived! Not too bad for a first time (ever!) to a haunted house!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Adventureland

Located right beside the Zombie Outbreak, we took a step back 65 million years ago, into the land before time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Our kids went deep into the forest to discover the life cycle of these astonishing creatures.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Adventureland

Towards the end of the walk, we were trapped in a lab where one particular Dinosaur escaped! No spoilers for you, but this is something suitable for the entire family to explore and learn about the names of different Dinosaur!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Adventureland

Very much liked Science Centre Singapore, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium offers the exploration of the strange and unique artifacts, exhibits and interactive experiences.

We saw paintings made of hair, toast, seen an entire “Cinderella” carriage made of pumpkin and many more! Though some of the displays may be little too daunting for the little ones, there are however plenty of interactive displays that mingle science and play together to entertain the brood!

3. Trick Eye Museum

Trick Eye Museum

No need for explanation, just check out the photos! How real are these! No doubt, we all had our fun being a part of the paintings!

Trick Eye Museum

4. Adventureland Arcade

Adventureland Arcade

With tokens at 5 for RM20, we couldn’t resist riding on open-air buses circling the Adventureland, climbing onto dinosaurs larger than us but still as tame of course as they pace slowly around the premises with the guide of their staff just in case your kid decides to jump off to another more exciting ride!

Adventureland ArcadeAdventureland Arcade

Motor rides and Bumper vehicles are found everywhere, alongside with cafes, fast food outlets, spa & nail parlor, and toy stores, no doubt the kids (and adults) loved this place as much as the Skytropolis arcade at level 1! I would recommend for those younger kids to just stay in Adventureland for a day of cheap thrills!

Adventureland Arcade

5. Awana Skyway

Awana Skyway

Ever felt like you are floating up in the mountains? Well, the Awana Skyway gives you the thrills of standing among forest because it’s really transparent! We took a ride up in a Glass Floor Grandola (total 10 of them among the 100 cable cars available) which was an express lane and we had no queues at all! It took us 10mins to ascend from Awana Station to the final stop, SkyAvenue Station.

Awana Skyway

Midway, there was Chin Swee station at no extra cost. We didn’t have much time but if you do, explore the Chin Swee Caves Temple and its scenic surroundings. Hold on to the cable car ticket at all time for the return journey, and enjoy the key attractions at the resort with a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.


Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

Featuring a whopping of 50 Outlet stores, Genting Highlands Premium Outlet is the final destination of Awana Skyway. The destination for families to go wild on great discounts for shopping and eating! Factory-direct savings up to 65% off and shopping starts right from the building we got off!


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