Celebrate Valentine's Day With The Kids | 5 Ways to Keep it Interesting!

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Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, so even if we cannot get away from the kids, there is no reason not to celebrate this special day. Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your little lovers!

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Prepare A Letter Of Appreciation

Valentine's Day with Kids - Letter of Appreciation

Explain to your kids what Valentine's Day is about and ask each member of the family to prepare a letter of appreciation for the rest of the family! You will be sharing the concept of appreciation, and receiving a "Love Letter" from your little ones too! 

Start A Tradition of Dating Your Child

Valentine's Day with Kids - Date Your Child

Consider this a long-term plan and go on a one-to-one date with each of your child for future Valentine's Day. Take turns with your spouse to take the children out and remember to make it special for the them! 

A good opportunity to show them to treat their future partners, and be treated by their future partners, with love and respect. 

If you need ideas of where to go, do check out BYKidO's weekly list of family activities and happenings. 

Prepare a Special Breakfast (for Mummy)

Valentine's Day with Kids - Breakfast for Mom

This is for the hubbies! Tell the kids to prepare a special breakfast for Mummy! Don't forget to include all things heart-shaped too! You will end up having a great bonding session with the kids, and a happy wife too! 

Happy Wife, Happy Life! 

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Have A Romantic Dinner

Valentine's Day with Kids - Dance

Turn on the music, and prepare a nice candlelight dinner at home. Start the evening with a dance party for the family, followed by a slow dance with your spouse, and finally sit down and enjoy the candlelight dinner together as a family! 

At the end, one will do the dishes and the other handle the kids! Teamwork for the win!

Share the Love with Others

Valentine's Day with Kids - Share the Love

Teach your kids that love makes the world a better place! You may either consider bringing the kids to volunteer at suitable places or to share Valentine's Day gifts to a nursing home, hospital or simply within your neighbourhood!


What do you think? Have you got any other ideas to spend Valentine's Day with the kids? 



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