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Your Guide to Planning a Family-Friendly Getaway in Johor Bahru

If you ever run out of places to visit and things to do in Singapore, remember that Johor Bahru, brimming with food, fun and so much more, is just a hop, skip and ride away. Here's how you can save time planning your trip early and splurge those extra hours frolicking around with your little ones! 1. Finding Your Way to Johor Bahru With Johor Bahru right next door to Singapore, there are plenty of ways to cross the border, the best one being driving into the state yourself. When you are travelling with ah gong, ah ma and your little tykes, not needing to get off the vehicle to clear customs can be a huge help. But if you’re...

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Reasons Kukup Island Should Be Your Next Family Getaway Destination

Sometimes the colors and sounds, the hustle and bustle of city life can get a bit too loud for the senses. Kukup Island, a small fishing village in the southern part of Johor, Malaysia, provides a reprieve from all that. Source Forget about playgrounds and theme parks packed with thrilling rides, rather Kukup Island provides the pleasures of a much simpler life. Source Source Get away from your phones, tablets and televisions, instead try your hand at fishing. It’d be quite a lesson in patience. For a live lesson on marine life, bring your little ones on a bumpy bumboat ride to the kelongs where you’ll find a great variety of them, from archerfish and pufferfish to mudskippers and jellyfish....

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Getting Around in Johor Bahru

You’ve arrived in Johor and there are things to do, places to go and food to try out but how do you get around to doing all that? Well, here are your options. 1. By Walking Source You do have the option of walking to your destinations, although we do not really recommend it as it is not really convenient. Should you choose to walk, there are walkways and underpasses that you can make use of and always keep an eye on the traffic to be on the safe side.   2. By Driving Source You can drive or rent a car to navigate the roads of Johor Bahru, which is a pretty neat idea if you plan to zig-zag...

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Endau-Rompin National Park – One of World’s Oldest Tropical Rainforest

Endau-Rompin, one of the world's oldest tropical rainforest, possess an undisturbed natural landscape that is bound to steal anyone's breath away. The vast national park is home to wildlife such as Sumatran rhinoceros, white-handed gibbon, Malaysian tiger, Asian elephant, wild boar, tapir, deer, leopards, and long-tailed macques. Although, with the park extending over 100 square kilometres, spotting wildlife roaming is very rare. You’re more likely to come across birds, snakes, fishes, frogs, insects and other creepy crawlies. Source The park’s flora is just as exotic as its fauna, ranging from vivid orchids to medicinal plants and fan palm trees. This tropical rainforest also houses some of the some picturesque waterfalls and tranquil lakes that look otherworldly. The adventurous will find...

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A Family-Friendly Guide on Getting to Johor from Singapore

With Johor just a few hours’ away from Singapore, driving into the state by yourself is the best option. But don’t panic yet if you can’t because we’ve compiled a list of second-best options for getting to Johor from Singapore. 1. Train Source With Malaysia’s KTM Train, JB Sentral is a mere 5 mins ride away from Woodlands and the whole process cannot be simpler.   Step one, book your tickets. You can book them online up to one month in advance for a maximum of six people. You can also purchase your tickets on that day itself, although we would not recommend doing so as the tickets may be sold out. A train ticket from Woodlands Train Checkpoint to...

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