The Sea Show | A Free Art Show About The Ocean For Kids And Families!

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A visually stimulating and thought-provoking exhibition about the ocean is happening at the Singapore Maritime Gallery from 1st April 2021! 

Venue: Singapore Maritime Gallery, Changing Gallery
Date: 1 Apr - 13 Jul 2021
Time: Tues - Sun, 9 am - 6 pm
Fee: Free

The Sea Show opens on the 1st of April 2021 at the Singapore Maritime Gallery's Changing Gallery. This visually stimulating and thought-provoking experience for both children and adults to learn about the ocean is designed by EYEYAH! and commissioned by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). 

A Visual Journey Of Life

‚ÄėThe Sea Show‚Äô presents a maze-like journey through larger-than-life colourful artworks,¬†animations and installations. Visitors are taken on a visual journey of life above and below the¬†sea.

As visitors enter the space, they are transported to the hustle and bustle of a busy dockyard,¬†where marine-related professions are highlighted through a ‚ÄėWhere‚Äôs Wally‚Äô inspired game.¬†Famous sea explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Zheng He are also presented as¬†Augmented Reality (AR) face filters.

A Visual Feast For The Eye (And Camera)

Another feature showcases an aquatic cinema with four vertical screens airing ocean-themed animations. Myths and superstitions are also explored through a series of postcards that have been customised with superimposed graphics. 

Instagrammable installations include the ‚ÄėShark Caf√©‚Äô, a playful re-creation of an existing area in¬†a¬†remote part of the Pacific Ocean where¬†the Great White sharks migrate to in the¬†winter, and a¬†rubber duck installation that brings to life a 1992 shipping¬†container spillage incident where¬†thousands of rubber ducks that were lost in the Pacific Ocean are still being¬†washed ashore¬†today.

Through the art work and making it interesting, it hopes to educate families about how the sea enables global trade which allows all of us to enjoy the many amenities we have in our lives!

Hands-On While Hands-Off

The team had to design an engaging exhibition for kids in a COVID-19 world, minimizing physical contact whilst capturing the attention and engaging children and adults. The show aims to use art and visual designs to ensure that everyone who attends will learn something about the ocean and have fun in the process.

Expect a complimentary activity booklet is designed to stimulate curiosity and invite young visitors to find clues and answers to puzzles and quizzes hidden within the exhibition. Visitors who successfully complete the activity booklet will be rewarded with a complimentary copy of the Sea issue of EYEYAH!

To enjoy the exhibition (even after the exhibition), families may check out the digital extensions of the show include AR face filters and a collection of ocean themed GIPHY stickers!


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