The Latest Exciting Happenings At Downtown East This Festive Season!

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From free art and light installations to new dining outlets and Christmas promotions (and more!), Downtown East is creating fun for everyone to look forward to!

Everyone's favourite lifestyle destination, Downtown East is pulling out all the stops this year end holidays give you even more reasons to make a trip there!  Here's what you can expect on your next visit to Downtown East:

1. LITE ON! - Dazzling Multi-Sensory Light & Art Installations

Photo Credit: Downtown East

When: 16 Nov 2020 to 21 Mar 2021
Admission Fee: Free

The debut of LITE ON! will see the showcasing of four IG-worthy multi-
sensory works by a collective of local artists and groups, whose spectacular creations will dazzle – day and night.

Drawing inspo from imagined landscapes, existing spaces and everyday things, these artistic mixed-media works are not only visually stimulating, but meaningful too. These installations are a reflection of the world we live in today, and are aimed at inspiring conversations.
  • Bubble Play

Location: E!Avenue Level 1, Stairs near Wild Wild Wet

Photo Credit: Shophouse & Co

A playful interpretation to reframe our mentality of everyday objects that we've grown accustomed to in recent months. Centred on the main material of bubble wrap packages, the installation comprises vibrant colours, tactile surfaces and visual prompts to create mini pockets of playful experiences. The artwork aims to spark wider conversations to be more mindful, while we find joy in everyday moments in a pandemic world.

What's so awesome: Pop bubbles on the bubble wraps if you're stressed; QR code integrated photo prompt; and more.


Location: Begonia Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point

Photo Credit: BOD

Expect to see printed patterns and shapes in vibrant colours of Downtown East's logo – red, blue, purple, green and yellow. Coloured LED lights will be installed at this display.

What's so awesome: At night, the installation will come to alive with the vibrant LED lights. You can also see the individual spot colours as the light transits through the spectrum.

  • Shades Of Self

Location: Multi-Storey Carpark Link Bridge @E!Avenue Level 2

Photo Credit: Space Objekt

This installation uses form inspired by architecture. Visitors are able to walk through and interact with this geometrical structure. For those seeking a moment of respite, the installation is accentuated by several arched gateways representative of strength, support, lightness and openness within density.

What's so awesome: This installation unfolds from its chromatic skin during the day into a brightly-lit tunnel at night, enveloping you with a riot of colours and lines.

  • Somewhere Out There

Location: Open Courtyard

Photo Credit: Speak Cryptic

The imagined landscapes call to mind a mountain top, ancient pyramids and the gable or peaked roof structure – symbols of progress. Putting people in proximity to a scene that's usually observed from afar, the work transports you to a dreamy, fictional place that exists beyond our reality. It hints that the impossible is attainable – that one can not only ascend to the peak but even enter it. From its foundation, the edges of the pyramid move towards a central point – signifying a common journey – a universal goal and our shared humanity.

What's so awesome: The artwork also integrates the artist’s original music.

2. New Openings

There will be 12 new and upcoming retail, F&B and leisure venues opening in Downtown East. This includes three heritage brands – The Banana Leaf Apolo, Fragrant Garden, and REDMAN by Phoon Huat.

Photo Credit: The Banana Leaf Apolo

Photo Credit: Fragrant Garden

Among the dozen new offerings at Downtown East also include WATAMI Japanese Dining, D'Penyetz, florist Convallaria; and Everbest pop-up store.

Next year, Downtown East will also be taking sporting activities to another level. Airzone, an elevated playground for adults, will open in April 2021. Upwall Climbing offers auto-belay climbing lanes for those with no climbing experience. This means that anyone (from 3 years old) can give climbing a try at the facility.

What's Coming Up in Nov & Dec:

  • Upwall Climbing (26 Nov)
  • Gaku Sushi Bar (30 Nov)
  • Ding Guo Guo (30 Nov)
  • REDMAN by Phoon Huat (1 Dec)
  • Chong Qing Xiao Mu Deng Traditional Hotpot (12 Dec)

3. 12 Days Of Christmas Deals

Photo Credit: Downtown East

Here’s something that everyone will love: Big-value promos. Downtown East has lined-up amazing $12 deals (yes, you heard it right!) from 13 Dec in a back-to-back 12-day lead up to Christmas. These promos add up to $60,000 in savings. The wide-ranging deals include all your fave activities – dining, entertainment, shopping, water park rides at Wild Wild Wet, and relaxing stays at D'Resort next year.

On top of that, there are also discounted GRAB rides (for those who live in the north, west and central zones), Fave eVouchers, free gift wrappers and stickers, and more!

Look out for the $12 flash deals on Eventbrite - and Wild Wild Wet $12 deals here - from 13 December! For more deets, follow Downtown East's Facebook and Instagram pages.


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