Singapore Heritage Festival Goes Fully Digital | Over 80 Free Interactive Programs

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Singapore Heritage Festival goes fully digital for its 17th edition for the first time!

Amidst many events that have been canceled or postponed to a later date due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the National Heritage Board has moved the annual Singapore Heritage Festival online. The on-site visits, live performances and workshops that previously drew crowds from around Singapore will be replaced with over 80 online programs. 

This year’s festival will highlight the neighborhoods of Tanjong Pagar, Pasir Ris and Kallang. While you may not be able to experience the carnival-like ambiance of the festival, there are advantages to the festival going digital – interested participants can access the programs for free at any time! Rain or shine, doesn’t matter.

Here are some highlights of the Singapore Heritage Festival 2020: Digital Edition. No prior registration is required and you can still access the content after the festival.

1. Dear Tanjong Pagar

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 - Dear Tanjong Pagar
Image credits Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim League

Date: From 19 Jun 2020
12 pm

Discover the tales of rickshaw coolies treading the streets; nurses of St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital caring for poor women and children; and teachers of Umar Pulavar, Singapore’s first Tamil-medium High School, among others. This series of anthropomorphic tales by Sweet Tooth sheds light on moments in our history that remind us how we arrived at where we are today.

2. Nanyang Tea Challenge Finals

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 - Nanyang Tea Challenge Finals
Image credits Pek Sin Choon

Date: 21 Jun 2020
11 am – 12 pm

Tune in to watch live eight finalists express creativity, using Nanyang tea blends with food pairings you may not have thought of before and vote for your favorite tea challenger to become the champion of this 3rd edition of the Nanyang Tea Brewing Challenge.

3. Remembering the Old Waterfront

Date: From 19 Jun 2020
12 pm

Though not much of Singapore’s original waterfront exists today, we can see markers of its past through historic landmarks still standing there. Remembering the Old Waterfront will bring you on a journey of discovery about the waterfront story near Telok Ayer through Yueh Hai Ching Temple, Former Telok Ayer Market (Lau Pa Sat) and Former Clifford Pier. Uncover the secrets of Singapore’s past and learn more about our monuments’ history through tours led by volunteer guides.

4. Trades and Occupations in Tanjong Pagar

Date: From 19 Jun 2020
12 pm

Listen and embark on a virtual walk around Tanjong Pagar in this homage to the history of early immigrants and our ethnic diversity. Located between the docks and the town, the area was a hub of activity from dock workers, rickshaw pullers and merchants.

5. Pasir Ris, Rise and Shine

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 - Pasir Ris, Rise and Shine
Image credits ACT 3

Date: 26 Jun 2020
From 12 pm

Explore beyond the sand and sea of Pasir Ris and discover the coastal town’s discover untold stories of coconut plantations, beaches, rivers, kampongs and sand quarries through a five-part online mini-series.

6. Sambal Food & Art Workshop

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 - Sambal Food & Art Workshop
Image credits Carlyn Law

Date: 27 Jun 2020
11.00 am – 11.30 am

This unique Sambal Food & Art Workshop is two parts. In the first part, Fareena Mehr Omar, well-versed in traditional Malay cooking, will demonstrate how three different sambals can be made in 15 mins. In the second part, artist and illustrator Carlyn Law will guide you to sketch basic shapes of chilies and create a vibrant Sambal Recipe Art poster in watercolors. Recipes and a list of art materials will be provided beforehand.

7. A Walk Through Our Mangroves

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 - A Walk Through Our Mangroves
Image credits BES Drongos

Date: From 19 Jun 2020
12 pm

Join in the nature walk through the Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk and get close with some of the important plants and animals that have shaped our world, from the cackling kingfisher to the elusive shore pit viper.

8. The Kallang Story: A Sports, Arts and Heritage Trail

Date: From 19 Jun 2020
12 pm

Take your pick of three trails – the Waterfront Trail, the Stadium Trail and the Park Trail. Each trail tells the Kallang story by highlighting prominent landmarks in the area, both past and present. There's something for the art enthusiast too. Spot artworks such as 14 unique benches made from timber seats of the Old National Stadium.

9. Singapore Heritage Festival at the National Museum

Singapore Heritage Festival 2020 - SHF at National Museum
Image credits Geylang Briyani Stall

Date: 20 Jun – 27 Jun 2020

In conjunction with this year’s Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF), the National Museum will be presenting a series of programs celebrating our heritage, traditions as well as inter-generational stories of local businesses. Viewers can look forward to online talks on Singapore’s food heritage, and stand a chance to savor the local dishes featured.

10. Stay at Home Activity Kit for Families

Embark on an adventure with Lala, the young festival guide as she explores the different neighborhoods of the Singapore Heritage Festival with the family-friendly #StayAtHome Activity Kit (suitable for little ones above 5 years). Discover hidden gems in Tanjong Pagar, document your nature experiences in Pasir Ris, and unleash your creative side in Kallang with your family!

Also, keep an eye out for new programs every week and live streams on weekends!


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