SIFA 2024 Unveils Little SIFA, A New Programming Pillar Featuring A Special Series Of Family-Friendly Offerings

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Made for young audiences and the young at heart, Little SIFA will introduce Festivalgoers to the vast world of the performing arts through a special series of family-friendly programmes. 

Date: 17 May to 2 Jun 2024 

SIFA Presents: Little SIFA 2024

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Returning from 17 May to 2 June 2024 with the theme, The Anatomy of Performance – They Declare, SIFA 2024 invites Festivalgoers to celebrate a multiplicity of voices through a line-up of exciting programmes, from newly commissioned presentations and invited international works to Little SIFA – an all-new programming pillar featuring a special series of family-friendly programmes. 

Made for young audiences and the young at heart, Little SIFA will introduce Festivalgoers to the vast world of the performing arts through programmes such as: 

[Interactive Installation] The Dancer’s Fair

Photo Credit: Juliotavolo

Venue: Cathay Green
Date: 24 to 26 May 2024
Time: 4pm to 9pm 
Fee: Free Admission

Step into an enchanting, interactive world of art and play at The Dancer's Fair! At the heart of this enchanting experience stands a 5-meter-tall ballerina in the middle of Cathay Green. Join in the mystery and magic as she engages with the audience, eager to explore her new surroundings and learn the dance movements that the people of the city share with her.

The fair includes a bevy of old-school fairground attractions, including a whimsical "Ferris Wheel" specially designed for children, where special found objects like discarded seats and even toilet bowls take our young visitors on an entertaining ride alongside lively characters sharing music and stories. For those seeking a delightful adventure, "Little Carousel" beckons. Designed for children and adults, it creates a fantasy world where parents and children use their ingenuity to trigger the mechanisms that make the carousel move! You’ll also get to take a breather at the peaceful "Hammocks" corner, where you will be guided into a space of relaxation from the outside world.

This is just the beginning of the endless delights that await. The Dancer's Fair is a testament to the artistry of Antigua i Barbuda, renowned worldwide for their mesmerizing machines that have graced parks, squares, and festival hubs. Their interactive installations promise a wondrous experience for all.

Supported by Acción Cultural Española.

Leonardo! A Wonderful Show About A Terrible Monster

Photo Credit: Rebecca J Michelson

Venue: SOTA Drama Theatre
Date & Time: 
  • 24 & 25 May 2024: 4pm & 7pm
  • 26 May 2024: 4pm


  • $58, $38* (*Limited concessions available for students, NSFs & seniors)
  • Family Bundle of 4: Cat 1: $188; Cat 2: $128

Purchase ticket(s) here

Leonardo is a terrible monster! He tries so hard to be scary, but he just… isn’t.

Then Leonardo finds Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the world. Will Leonardo finally get to scare the tuna salad out of someone? Or will it be the start of an unlikely friendship?

Leonardo! A Wonderful Show About a Terrible Monster uses hundreds of illustrated paper puppets, book pages, two-dimensional props, furry monster puppets, and songs to bring Mo Willems' books to life. This performance re-creates the experience of holding one of Mo’s book pages, which are big, bold, colorful, and full of visual rhythm, with a playful use of scale.

Like all Manual Cinema productions, you’re invited to watch the big screen like a traditional movie, or to watch the artists below as they create the story in real time. (There is no wrong way to watch the show!)

[Post-Show Q&A]
There will be a post-show Q&A with the artists after every 4pm performance.

Age suitability: For ages 3 and up

Binder Animation Workshop with Manual Cinema!

Photo Credit: Arts House Limited

Venue: Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre
Date: 26 May 2024
Time: 11am to 12pm
Fee: $28/ ticket, $50/ pair | Purchase ticket(s) here

In this workshop, learn to create your own short puppet animation using the paper puppet techniques from Leonardo! A Wonderful Show about a Terrible Monster, guided by Manual Cinema’s co-artistic director, Sarah Fornace.

See up close demonstrations of the paper puppets from the show and learn Manual Cinema puppetry techniques. Discover how you can use simple classroom materials to make cinematic puppetry live on camera. All participants will create their own live music videos with school binders and paper puppets in groups.

This workshop is designed to be enjoyed by families and adults!

Young participants under the age of 8 should be accompanied by their favourite adult.

Age suitability: For participants age 5 and up


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