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Date: 18 - 20 June 2019
Hour:¬†ÔĽŅ10 am - 6 pm
Venue: 9 Tampines Grande, #02-11 to 22, Singapore 528735

  • $420 per Child (Early Bird till 31st May)
  • $450 per Child¬†
  • $840 Buddy Offer

Promo: Enjoy $100 off Camp Fees when you register with a Buddy. 

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

The Little Entrepreneurs Camp is a 3- day boot camp organised by Genius R Us to let your LOs enjoy the ultimate experience as a Little Entrepreneur! Not only will it be fun, participating kids will be fully hands-on in "building their business" and finding solutions to problems they face!

What will they be doing? 

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

In essence, your LOs will be setting up their own mini "cafe" from scratch! They will learn that being a mini-boss is not an easy task as they will have to master and perform the various task involved! 

  • Prepare their own product - including shopping for ingredients, baking the product, going on a guided Supermarket tour
  • Market their own business - learn the concept of websites, digital marketing and best practices for web creation!
  • Manage the finances - going through the concept of running a business, profit and loss, and even budgeting.
  • Be customer-centric - know the significance of customer service, and run a real bazaar where YOU will be the customer!

They will get the full experience in running the cafe and pick-up the significance of teamwork, communication, collaboration and creativity to make their cafe a success! 

The Final Bazaar

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

On the last hour at the last day of the camp, parents are invited to join the Bazaar as customers, and to enjoy the yummy food and games prepared! 

You will also get to see their 3 day progress through a video pitch for each team. 


Contact Genius R Us to book you slot. Or get more details here. 

Other Workshops with Genius R Us

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

Genius R Us Little Entrepreneur Camp

Genius R Us will be conducting regular baking workshops during the months of May and June. For a full list of workshops, please click here. 



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