Jalan Jalan with Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends | Frasers Property Malls

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Location:  Fraser Property Malls
Date:  6 Aug - 8 Sep
Hour: Various Timings
Admission: FREE

From 6 August to 8 September, The Walt Disney Company Singapore and Frasers Property Singapore are inviting shoppers to explore the wonders of the Little Red Dot through the eyes of Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends.

Mickey & Friends will be making appearances over five magical weekends at:

  • 6 -11 Aug
    • Causeway Point
    • Bedok Point
  • 12 - 18 Aug
    • The Centrepoint
    • YewTee Point
  • 20 - 25 Aug
    • Changi City Point
    • Anchorpoint
  • 27 Aug - 1 Sep
    • Northpoint City
  • 3 - 8 Sep
    • Waterway Point

Exploring Singapore's Past and Present with Mickey

At each event, visitors will be able to experience a wondrous and nostalgic journey through the streets of Singapore with Mickey & Friends, as they celebrate landmarks and neighbourhoods familiar to all locals.

Hop onto a Mickey-inspired trishaw through quaint shophouses, stroll through a lush garden inspired by Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, and drift through the clouds in a Minnie-themed cable car. 

Meet & Greet with Mickey and Minnie

Every weekend is an opportunity to catch Mickey and Minnie in person. Below is the schedule of appearance in each mall @ 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

  • Causeway Point: 10 Aug¬†
  • Bedok Point: 11 Aug¬†
  • The Centrepoint: 17 Aug¬†
  • YewTee Point: 18 Aug¬†
  • Changi City Point:¬†24 Aug¬†
  • Anchorpoint:¬†25 Aug¬†
  • Northpoint City:¬†31 Aug¬†
  • Waterway Point:¬†7 Sep¬†

Disney’s Mickey Go Singapore merchandise

There will also be a kopitiam inspired by your favorite Disney characters, retailing Mickey merchandise¬†spanning different themes close to every Singaporean‚Äôs heart, including local hawker delights, nostalgic¬†everyday icons and ‚ÄúSinglish‚ÄĚ expressions.

Spend and Redeem

Jalan Jalan with Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends

Snag a Mickey Go Singapore pouch with a distinctively Singaporean design featuring street food staples like Satay,¬†everyday catchphrases like ‚ÄúShiok‚ÄĚ, and the public buses of yesteryear.

Here's how

Anchorpoint, Bedok Point, and YewTee Point: make three same-day transactions amounting to $80, top up to $120 to earn a $10 Digital Gift Card. 

Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Northpoint City, The Centrepoint and Waterway Point: spend $120, top up to $160 to earn a $10 Digital Gift Card.



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