Jalan Jalan with Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends | Frasers Property Malls

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Location:  Fraser Property Malls
Date:  6 Aug - 8 Sep
Hour: Various Timings
Admission: FREE

From 6 August to 8 September, The Walt Disney Company Singapore and Frasers Property Singapore are inviting shoppers to explore the wonders of the Little Red Dot through the eyes of Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends.

Mickey & Friends will be making appearances over five magical weekends at:

  • 6 -11 Aug
    • Causeway Point
    • Bedok Point
  • 12 - 18 Aug
    • The Centrepoint
    • YewTee Point
  • 20 - 25 Aug
    • Changi City Point
    • Anchorpoint
  • 27 Aug - 1 Sep
    • Northpoint City
  • 3 - 8 Sep
    • Waterway Point

Exploring Singapore's Past and Present with Mickey

At each event, visitors will be able to experience a wondrous and nostalgic journey through the streets of Singapore with Mickey & Friends, as they celebrate landmarks and neighbourhoods familiar to all locals.

Hop onto a Mickey-inspired trishaw through quaint shophouses, stroll through a lush garden inspired by Donald Duck and Daisy Duck, and drift through the clouds in a Minnie-themed cable car. 

Meet & Greet with Mickey and Minnie

Every weekend is an opportunity to catch Mickey and Minnie in person. Below is the schedule of appearance in each mall @ 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

  • Causeway Point: 10 Aug 
  • Bedok Point: 11 Aug 
  • The Centrepoint: 17 Aug 
  • YewTee Point: 18 Aug 
  • Changi City Point: 24 Aug 
  • Anchorpoint: 25 Aug 
  • Northpoint City: 31 Aug 
  • Waterway Point: 7 Sep 

Disney’s Mickey Go Singapore merchandise

There will also be a kopitiam inspired by your favorite Disney characters, retailing Mickey merchandise spanning different themes close to every Singaporean’s heart, including local hawker delights, nostalgic everyday icons and “Singlish” expressions.

Spend and Redeem

Jalan Jalan with Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Friends

Snag a Mickey Go Singapore pouch with a distinctively Singaporean design featuring street food staples like Satay, everyday catchphrases like “Shiok”, and the public buses of yesteryear.

Here's how

Anchorpoint, Bedok Point, and YewTee Point: make three same-day transactions amounting to $80, top up to $120 to earn a $10 Digital Gift Card. 

Causeway PointChangi City Point, Northpoint City, The Centrepoint and Waterway Point: spend $120, top up to $160 to earn a $10 Digital Gift Card.



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