i Light Singapore Returns For Its 10th Edition To Light Up Marina Bay And Neighbouring Precincts

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Look forward to ‚Äúeco-tastic‚ÄĚ art and extended experiences across Marina Bay and neighbouring precincts.

Venue: Marina Bay, South Beach, Millenia Walk & Tanjong Pagar 
31 May to 23 Jun 2024

i Light Singapore 2024

Photo Credit: Urban Redevelopment Authority

i Light Singapore
(iLSG) returns for its 10th edition from 31 May to 23 June 2024 to light up Marina Bay and its neighbouring precincts. Organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the footprint of Asia’s leading sustainable light festival has expanded further in this milestone edition. Beyond Marina Bay, South Beach and Millenia Walk, iLSG will also be arriving in Tanjong Pagar for the first time.

The engaging line-up of artworks and programmes for iLSG 2024 is the result of continued collaboration with many partners ‚Äď event organisers, sponsors and precinct stakeholders ‚Äď and will feature 17 artworks by 25 artists. This year‚Äôs Festival is inspired by the theme of Cyclical Nature and the colour green, a wavelength on the visible light spectrum that symbolises nature and our environment. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in contemplative and interactive artworks that explore the endless potential of everyday objects for re-design, restoration and repurposing.

Here's taking a closer look at some of the artworks and programmes that you can look forward to at iLSG 2024 across Marina Bay and the neighbouring precincts:

Marina Bay

Spin Me a Yarn

Photo Credit: Studio Vertigo

Location: Mist Walk

Spin Me a Yarn features three oversized yarn balls, each with its own long trail that loops over and around its surrounding environment.

With its larger-than-life design and conspicuous scale, the artwork is an unusual addition to the surroundings that intentionally prompts a re-evaluation of the commonplace. With yarn preparation being one of the contributors to the fashion industry’s global carbon emissions, Spin Me a Yarn examines the unsustainable practices that underpin our modern lifestyles. It serves as a reminder of the intricate threads that bind us all and the collective responsibility that we bear in shaping the future.

Kinetic Perspective

Photo Credit: Juan Fuentes Studio 

Location: Marina Bay Sands Event Plaza

Kinetic Perspective is an immersive abstract geometric experience inspired by the Optical Art Movement of the 1960s that uses optical illusions.

The circles within the installation are in perpetual motion, spinning ceaselessly. This rhythmic movement is echoed and repeated as each circle completes a full rotation. The synchronised spinning generates mesmerising visual patterns that persistently recur. By moving around the installation, visitors can discover infinite combinations of patterns and distortions. The artwork’s hypnotising fluidity invites contemplation on the eternal rhythms embedded within our existence.

Liminal; Minimal

Photo Credit: Benjamin Lim and Yeo Soon Yii 

Location: Waterfront promenade in front of Red Dot Design Museum

Waste lurks unseen in the built environment ‚ÄĒ a silent witness to the development of a modern city and its excesses. Assembled with wooden beams, reclaimed pallets and discarded dust nettings, Liminal; Minimal exposes the hidden wastefulness of urban construction by framing the surrounding cityscape with remnants from building sites.

In the relentless pursuit of urban densification, Singapore finds itself at a crossroads. Liminal; Minimal is an interrogation of our intricate entanglement with waste. The artwork forces a confrontation with the transient nature of our built environment and represents an insistent call for sustainable practices in the face of rapid urban development.

Tanjong Pagar


Photo Credit: Yun

Location: Tanjong Pagar Park at Guoco Tower, Tras Link Park near Orchid Hotel Singapore

BottleBlooms is a display of solar-powered luminous plastic blossoms in a green public space, crafted from approximately 1,000 upcycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles through a public collection drive by Discover Tanjong Pagar, Cantonment Primary School and City Sprouts, a social enterprise with an aim to rejuvenate urban spaces.

The artwork provokes a re-evaluation of things that are often thrown away mindlessly and is a reminder of the transformative potential inherent in our discarded materials. BottleBlooms urges us to think about the life cycle of materials and encourages a more thorough incorporation of plastics into the circular economy via PET recycling.

Kickit Team Tennis

Photo Credit: Limelight

Location: Discover Tanjong Pagar Community Green

Kickit Team Tennis is an interactive light art game that can be played by two teams of up to five-a-side.

A visit to the Barbican, a gothic gate-tower in P√©cs, Hungary, inspired the creation of this modern tennis game. By reimagining a traditionally solo sport for teamplay in a public space, this installation encourages visitors to interact and collaborate with strangers ‚ÄĒ a call to find common ground and unity through friendly competition and play.

Hidden Garden

Photo Credit: Koros Design

Location: Tras Link Park

Hidden Garden illustrates the co-existence of nature with the urban environment, much like blades of grass bursting forth through concrete ‚ÄĒ its tenacious growth a sign of its enduring vitality and pursuit of harmony.

The artwork presents resplendent inflatable flowers cling to the trunks of trees akin to living organisms, transforming the concrete jungle. Here, the man-made and natural are intertwined in symbiosis and forge a harmonious co-existence, with each lending support to and enhancing the other. The radiant display of colours is both a tribute to and jubilant celebration of biodiversity.

South Beach


Photo Credit: 65 SQM @ SUSA SPACE

Location: Fountain Plaza, South Beach Avenue Level 1

Paying homage to Singapore’s maritime heritage, Lumi embodies the fluidity of meandering river paths and its state of perpetual flux.

This interactive installation invites play, connection and reflection within the bustling urban landscape. Tactile and immersive, it implores visitors to engage with one another and in the process, mould and remould the artwork in a shared act of co-creation. The repurposing of ordinary objects, such as yoga balls, demonstrates the transformative potential inherent in the mundane. Join in ‚ÄĒ to play, or to rest.

The Lantern

Photo Credit: Josephine Pun Tsz Kiu

Location: Courtyard between South Beach Tower and The Grand Ballroom, Level 1

Nestled in the embrace of the city, the luminous pavilion emerges as a contemplation on the voracious cycle of consumption. Its gentle luminescence is an alluring invitation to be mesmerised by the sight of light dancing upon the water within.

Made out of over 5,000 upcycled plastic water bottles ‚ÄĒ a staggering quantity that mirrors the relentless pace of bottle disposal in Singapore recurring every 7 minutes ‚ÄĒ The Lantern is a sobering physical embodiment of our collective harm to the environment. Yet, by harnessing the beauty of these upcycled materials, The Lantern is also a symbol of renewal and a call for bolder, innovative design approaches to shape a more sustainable future.

Millenia Walk

Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness

Photo Credit: ENESS

Location: Millenia Walk (The Great Hall)

Modern Guru and the Path to Artificial Happiness juxtaposes the timeless archetype of a guru, traditionally a guide to attain spiritual enlightenment and happiness, with the contemporary pursuit of fulfilment.

Inside the ceremonial shroud, visitors are greeted by the Modern Guru, a translucent ovoid with four imposing large digital eyes suspended above a spiralling ring of LEDs. A stream of AI-generated absurdist messages flows from its mouth.

A new message reveals when visitors point the lens of their camera to capture a glimpse of the Modern Guru.

This installation is a commentary on the role that technology plays in shaping perceptions of fulfilment in the digital age.



Location: Bayfront Event Space
Date: 31 May to 23 Jun 2024
Time: 4pm to 11pm
Fee: General admission to the Festival Village is free, while charges apply for selected activities

GastroBeats, the Festival Village of i Light Singapore 2024, will feature a wide range of gastronomic delights and musical experiences. Visitors will be spoilt for choice with the inclusion of more sustainably-produced food options, including items cultivated through organic farming methods, locally-grown seasonal produce and ethically sourced meat. An enticing array of local and international cuisine ranging from Mexican tacos, Russian dumplings and prawn noodles awaits.

This year, GastroBeats will strengthen its sustainability efforts by using rechargeable batteries for selected lighting posts and in powering back-of-house operations. Solar energy will also be used to power air-conditioned ‚Äúportaloos‚ÄĚ, setting a new benchmark for eco-conscious event amenities. To encourage visitors to put into practice green habits, GastroBeats strongly encourages visitors to bring their own cup/flask/tupperware to reduce waste. Eco-friendly food packaging and utensils will be used and no plastic straws will be provided.

Find out more information on programme details here.

The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore

Location: Various locations at Marina Bay (details on full activities and locations to be announced in May 2024)
Date: 31 May to 2 Jun 2024 | 7 to 9 Jun 2024 | 21 June 2024
Fee: General admission to The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore is free, while charges apply for certain programmes

Embark on a journey of transformation at The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore, a vibrant convergence of wellness, technology, leadership and eco-consciousness that strives to guide humanity towards a brighter future.

Grounded in the ethos of protecting the Earth with mindful governance, this festival event draws together a fervent community united in their dedication to the preservation of life and nurturing our planet for generations to come. It welcomes corporate and individuals to delve deep into technology, climate change and social impact, to explore the possibilities of future living.

From soul-stirring music performances to insightful talks and practical workshops, this event is nearly zero-waste, plant-based and carbon-negative, and considers itself a hub for motivational transformative action. Building on the success of previous editions including those in Hong Kong and Paris, The Conscious Festival is running its eighth instalment in Singapore, with an extended duration in partnership with i Light Singapore 2024.

At The Conscious Festival x i Light Singapore, sustainability is not just a theme ‚ÄĒ it is a way of life. Immerse yourself in seven days of activities devoted to sustainability and rediscover our intrinsic connections with one another and with the Earth that sustains us.

To find out more information on programme details, please visit this link.


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