Exciting Holiday Camps with Metropolitan YMCA this year-end holidays!

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Location: Metropolitan YMCA Singapore, 60 Stevens Road Singapore 257854
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Metropolitan YMCA (MYMCA) is a non-profit charity organization and our main interest is to develop youth and to serve the community. We also have a special interest in sports, children and families. We want Singapore youth to be caring, honest, responsible and respectful members of the society.

Our Holiday Camps are aimed to help achieve our goals.

Enjoy discounts of up to 10% too! 

  • Multiple Sign-ups
    • 5% Off for families who sign-up for 2 children
    • 10% Off for families who sign-up for¬†3 or more¬†children
    • 10% Off for participants who sign-up for 2 or more camps
  • Affiliations
    • 5% Off for MY World Pre-school Graduates
    • 5% Off for ex-Campers from 2018 and 2019

Metropolitan YMCA Singapore Camp 

Honesty, Responsibility, Caring and Respect.

Our learning & adventure camps' motto is ‚ÄúPLAY + ADVENTURE = SMARTER KIDS!‚ÄĚ

Games, imagination, dances, songs, art and crafts are the tools we use. Adventure, outdoor and nature are part of our classrooms. Camps activities are designed to teach children how to care, be honest, responsible and respectful to ourselves, our friends and our family.


Date: 18th to 21st November
Age Suitability: 5 - 9 years old
Price: from $350 (Details)

We at MYMCA believe that every young child has their unique ‚ÄúSuper‚ÄĚ, which is their unique smarts & talents! No matter what they are super in,¬†we want them to explore their Multiple Intelligences and discover more about themselves!

Camp activities are packed with wacky challenges that focuses on the three main sensory receivers: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic!

  • Multiple Intelligence Exploration
  • Play @ NERF Action Xperience (World's First NERF theme park)
  • Super Laughter & Scrapbook Workshop
  • Super Team Water Games
  • Super WeiQi Workshop
  • Super Clay Workshop
  • Super Ballet Workshop
  • Super Hip Hop Workshop
  • Super Hortpark Gardening Workshop
  • Super LASER Tag
  • Super Botanic Treasure Hunt
  • Super Camp Song Sing-a-long

FUN Camp 2019

Date: 25th to 29th November
Age Suitability: 5 - 13 years old
Price: from $250 (Details)

Metropolitan YMCA Camps

Metropolitan YMCA Camp

PIRATE, HUNTER, DETECTIVE, PILOT & NINJA! Let your imagination soar and have FUN! Join now to start making new friends and visit new places! 

  • Play @ NERF Action Xperience (World's First NERF theme park)
  • Trampoline @ Bounce Inc Singapore
  • NERF and Archery Games
  • Visit to Police Museum
  • Visit to Airforce Museum
  • Team Water Games
  • Map Reading & Making Workshop
  • Code Breaking and Writing Workshop
  • Art & Craft Workshop

COMMANDO Camp 2019

Date: 2nd to 5th December
Age Suitability: 7 - 13 years old
Price: from $450 (Details)

Metropolitan YMCA

Metropolitan YMCA Camp

Our Ultimate Overnight Camp is back with new activities! This camp will teach your child to be more disciplined and independent! The values of Caring, Honesty, Responsibility and Respect will be the motto of our elite force! With a focus on Self-Management & Self-Motivation skills, kids will learn how to face & handle stress!

And when they are not saving the world they will be busy having FUN! Join us today to be a MY Commando and save the day!!

  • Play @ NERF Action Xperience (World's First NERF theme park)
  • Commando HDB Abseiling (2nd/3rd/4th Floor)
  • Camping Overnight Experience (Camp Christine, Sarimbun)
  • Pitching and Striking a Tent (As a group)
  • Standby Bed (Tidy up your sleeping area)
  • Movie Nights (The Sound of Music & The Iron Giant)
  • 2km Route March to Botanic Gardens
  • LASER Tag - Commando Version
  • Crazy Campfire Night
  • Pool Games & Jetty Jump

ROBOTICS Coding Camp 2019

Date: 9th to 11th December
Age Suitability: 
9 - 16 years old
from $450 (Details)

At Earthquake Rescue Mission 2019, students are Rescue Supervisors of an earthquake and they are racing against time! Kids will be building and coding robots to aid the rescue mission! How many victims can they rescue? How many tents, food and aid can they deliver? 

  • Content Research Challenges
  • Photography & Videography Workshop
  • Artificial Intelligence Workshop
  • Drones Workshop
  • Robotics Workshop
  • Online Scrapbook Design Workshop
  • Smartphone Video Design Workshop
  • Public Speaking Workshop
  • Movie Nights (Back to the Future)
  • Robotics Competition with Prizes


Date: 16th to 19th December
Age Suitability: 
5 - 13 years old
from $300 (Details)

Metropolitan YMCA Camp

Metropolitan YMCA Camp

Basketball, Bowling, Tchoukball, Kinball, Dodgeball, Water Polo and Frisbee. Let your 5-13 years old join us for an action-packed sports camp! They will come home stronger, happier and with many new friends too! 

  • Basketball Introduction Workshop & Team Games
  • Tchoukball Introduction Workshop & Team Games
  • Kinball Introduction Workshop & Team Games
  • Visit SUPERPARK Singapore
  • Ultimate Frisbee Introduction Workshop & Team Games
  • Super Soaker & Pool Games
  • LASER Tag Games
  • NERF War Games
  • Dodgeball Games

MY FAMILY Camp 2019

Date: 27th to 28th December
Age Suitability: 
4 - 60 years old
from $500 (Details)

A special camp for a family bonding! Escape from the city for an introduction to overnight camping. Let's remove our daily distraction, and bond with your child through silly games, a nice campfire and simply the time spent together! 

  • Camping Overnight Experience (Camp Christine, Sarimbun)
  • Pitching and Striking a Tent (As a family)
  • Family Telematch
  • Pool Games
  • Movie Nights (The Sound of Music)
  • Family LASER Tag
  • Family Campfire Night


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