Chingay Parade 2023 - A Vibrant & Colourful LIVE Showcase at the F1 Pit Building

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Families can expect a stellar programme line-up with show elements, special effects, and audience interactions to dazzle over 28,000 in-person spectators!

Venue: F1 Pit Building
Dates: 3 & 4 Feb 2023, 8 pm onwards
Admission: from $20 (Get it on SISTIC!)

Singapore’s biggest multicultural Chingay parade is back to electrify and engage audiences on 3 and 4 February 2023 with a live spectacle! Returning as a physical parade after two years of hybrid and digital showcases, Chingay Parade 2023 will involve over 10,000 residents, artists, and art groups including more than 3,000 performers. It will also mark the return of big colourful and impressive floats alongside community-created mini floats! 

Families can head down to the LIVE showcase at F1 Pit Building to catch the floats and performers up close as well as the many other programmes and activities happening too! 

The 2023 Theme - Embrace Tomorrow

With the theme, ‚ÄúEmbrace Tomorrow‚ÄĚ, Chingay 2023 Parade completes the trilogy that began with 2021‚Äôs ‚ÄúLight of Hope‚ÄĚ, followed by 2022‚Äôs ‚ÄúIgnite Our Dreams‚ÄĚ. It calls on Singaporeans to treasure the present and embrace tomorrow together as a community with hope, dreams, and confidence as we commit to a brighter Singapore.¬†

Youth Created Container Art Installation

Sam Lo, Chingay 2023’s Art Director, together with eight local artists and 480 participants from the community co-created a larger-than-life art installation that will act as the parade’s performance backdrop. The Container Art Installation is made up of 28 20-footer and 40-footer containers and stands at 18m tall and spans over 60m. It is the largest-ever Community Art installation at the Chingay parade and will serve as the performance backdrop for Chingay 2023! 

The artwork, created using spray paint, is an expression of the youths' vision of Embrace Tomorrow and a reminder for us to remain forward-looking and resilient, even as we overcome challenging times together as a nation.

A Physical Parade After 2 Years

Photos from the last physical Chingay Parade in 2020, Photos Courtesy of The People's Association

Families can get involved in the excitement by getting tickets to the physical parade happening at the F1 Pit Building over 2 evenings! Surround yourselves in the vibrancy of the physical parade where every sight and sound are amplified for your senses, ensuring a memorable family experience!

Past experiences tell us that Chingay Parades are something for families to look forward to!

Chingay 2023 continues to be a platform to showcase young local budding talents where the Chingay Community Star 2023 and winning dance groups of the D:2 Dance Competition 2023 will also be performing in front of a live audience at the F1 Pit Building too!

Ticketing Options

Those who would like to experience the best of the Chingay Parade 2023 with the spectacular Container Art Installation as the performance backdrop can opt for Sector A category tickets which range from $28.50 to $60. Tickets at the other sectors will be available at just $20 each, with the option for a close-up experience and interaction with performers and the floats.

  • Parade 1 (3 Feb 2023)
    • Sector A: $50 (Cat. 1), $40 (Cat. 2), $28.50 (Cat. 3)
    • Sector B / C / D: $20
  • Parade 2 (4 Feb 2023)
    • Sector A: $60 (Cat. 1), $50 (Cat. 2), $28.50 (Cat. 3)
    • Sector B / C / D: $20
  • PAssion Card members will get to enjoy 20% off on all admission tickets.

Tickets to Chingay Parade 2023 are available now on SISTIC!

*Updated 31 Jan 2023: Tickets for the Chingay Parade 2023 on 3 & 4 February 2023 have all been sold out. To spread the festive joy and cheer of Chingay 2023, the public will now be allowed into a free-standing area on a complimentary first-come-first-served basis.  

Nothing beats the LIVE experience! But if you are not able to head down, you can also catch the live show streamed on @chingayparadesg Facebook and YouTube (also embedded on the Chingay website). There will also be a Delayed Telecast on 19 February 2023, 7.30pm and a Repeat Telecast on 26 February 2023, 4.30pm on Channel 5 & Channel 8.

Other Exciting Happenings

Not just the physical parade, Chingay Parade 2023 includes other exciting happenings before and after the parade too! Here's what else you can expect! 

      Chingay 2023 Art Installations

      After the parade, from 5 to 9 February, the F1 Pit will play host to many different Art Installations and Behind-the-Scenes Tours for members of the public to head down and be a part of. This includes

      • Chingay 2023 Container Art Installation: Artwork done by Sam Lo, the Art Director for Chingay, this 18m tall container art is Chingay‚Äôs largest performance backdrop.
      • Rabbits ART-Venture Installation: Featuring the works by over 2,000 students from various schools, these¬†hand-painted and crafted ‚ÄúChingay Rabbit‚ÄĚ will be located at the F1 Pit Garage for public¬†viewing.
      • Floats by the Community:¬†Featuring the mini-floats created by the community and artists as¬†well as the Chingay big floats that will be seen during the Chingay Parade.

      When visiting the art installations, families can also hunt for the special Chingay 2023 Rabbits hidden all around the art installations and stand a chance to win prizes!

      1. Find the 4 rabbits hidden around the Chingay Art Installations (clues will be given via Chingay's social channels)
      2. Take a photo or video posing with all 4 of these rabbits
      3. Post your photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok and tag Chingay’s account and add the hashtag #SpotTheRabbit (remember to put your account to public)

        Chingay @ The Heartlands

        Missed the show? Don't worry, Chingay will bring snippets of the main show - from big dazzling floats, selected mini community-created floats, and featured performances - to different residential estates for more residents to experience the Chingay Parade.

        • 19 Bedok South Road, 11 Feb
        • Our Tampines Hub, 12 Feb
        • Keat Hong Square, 25 Feb
        • Fernvale Square, 26 Feb
        • MPC@Khatib (Opposite Khatib MRT Station), 4 Mar
        • Discover Tanjong Pagar Community Green, 5 Mar

        *Exact times will be confirmed at a later date. 



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